Why you need to choose relevant courses

It is becoming increasingly important for students to choose one of the modern courses of study that are relevant to the modern times in which we are living and working according to Natalie Rabson of Boston City Campus & Business College.

“Education is not static and Boston therefore maintains a liaison with various industries, updates course material, and introduces new courses such as Cloud computing to keep graduates in line with the demand from the workplace,” she elaborates.

“Our research, for example, showed that there was a gap for a qualification that covers skills such as skills in the social media and digital marketing fields and so the Boston BCom Management Marketing degree was born. This degree equips students with the knowledge and skills for career opportunities in the fields of business, management and marketing, focusing on digital marketing, social media and brand management - all buzzwords in the marketing field of today.”

“A broad based business qualification has high value for you in terms of employment. Our business qualifications cover Business Management, and Financial Management, as well as Marketing and more. These are the skills you will need to add value to a company. Regardless of whether the economy is experiencing growth or not, qualified entrepreneurs, marketers and managers are always needed in order to promote existing and new products and services “A business and management degree mean a chance at a better life for me and one day, for my family. It will empower me to get into a job that is both financially stable and comfortable,’ says a Boston higher Ed student.

She continues that the flexibility is absolutely ideal for her. “Some days I do get quite a bit of work done while on other days I need to dedicate my time to my job. Basically I have the flexibility with this degree to accommodate my career goals both in terms of studies as well as in terms of earning. ”

Boston makes the application and registration processes so simple. Applications are done free of charge and on-line, and you get a response within 3 days. “We also offer great activities to encourage social interaction with your peers as well as your community” says Rabson. “Students do not operate in isolation – success is bred from communities and networking, and contributing to society. We try and facilitate these interactions”

Another fairly new qualification is Events Management. Kerren Leibowitz is about to qualify in Events, and says that for her the very best part of her three years at Boston has been the flexibility of being able to study anywhere anytime. “You can go in 3 times a week for your sessions, and choose to stay longer, or carry on with lectures at home. , with the lecture still playing in front of you”.