Boston Media House And The Smile Foundation Share Smiles All Around


Smiles, fun, music and laughter have been contagious around campus at Boston Media House in Sandton for the past 4 weeks as 3 rd year Public Relations (PR) students launched their Smiles All Around campus charity campaign.



With an aim to not only learn valuable skills ahead of finishing their diploma in media practices, the assignment also had a goal to unite students for a worthy cause. The Class of 2023 chose the Smile Foundation, and focused not only on bringing smiles to campus, but to help raise awareness and funds for the Smile Foundation.

Using their skills in community relations, event planning and internal communications, the campaign raised money through 2 exciting campus initiatives. Firstly, thanks to the kind and generous involvement of sponsors and the Parkmore community, a campus raffle inspired students to buy tickets to win.

Sponsors like Nando’s Benmore, Black Forest Bakery in Parkmore, Warner Bros SA, Warner Music, Nevin Sher - The Diamond Guy, CuffedBoyz Club, Fireworks Tacos, CannAfrica Benmore, YFM, ClaySkin Skincare, The Sneaker Shack, Alex Youth Academy and Soxx Wodumo and Friends Summer Edition as well as the Straata Nation Address music festival gave prizes, product hampers and even job shadowing opportunities for students to win.

The second activity was an on-campus activation uniting over 250 students, staff and lecturers for a Fun Day filled with ball games, hopscotch, bubbles, colouring in competitions and gorgeous Instagram content, thanks to Golden Circle 360 video rotating cameras. 

Special guest performances by Horid the Messiah, YungKiddReezy and Sykes SA got the crowd dancing, singing, smiling and donating.

With over R10 000 raised, Electric Zoom Bikes, who are passionate about getting students on the move and supporting student initiatives generously added another R5000 to complete the donation of R15 000 to the Smile Foundation.

In a memorable handover event, the PR3 class of 2023 announced the raffle winners, hosted the Smile Foundation and handed over R15 000!

A very surprised Mamotuku Khaole, Projects Coordinator for Smile Foundation said, “On behalf of Smile Foundation, we express our heartfelt gratitude for being selected as the recipient of the Boston Media House PR fundraising initiative. Attending their event was an honour, as it radiated an abundance of positivity, good energy, and awesome vibes on campus.

Witnessing young individuals come together for a great cause and simultaneously gaining valuable knowledge was truly enjoyable. We extend our deepest appreciation to them for spreading joy and providing underprivileged children with the chance to experience a joyful childhood. Their efforts have not only brought smiles to children's faces but will also give them the opportunity to live a life inspired by confidence and possibility.”

This very important initiative will certainly go towards ensuring the Public Relations Class of 2023 will leave a lasting impression that will inspire and motivate the next generation of students studying at Boston Media House.

It will also ensure a young South African will be able to enjoy a new beginning filled with smiles, thanks to the incredible work done by the Smile Foundation.

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