The corporate governance qualification

This qualification is designed to provide a learning pathway for learners who want to become company secretaries or governance professionals or who want to work in supportive roles in the corporate governance, compliance or risk management divisions of large organisations.
Learners will also be equipped to work in organisations that provide company secretarial, compliance or risk management services.

What is a Chartered Secretary?

Chartered secretaries are highly skilled and respected professionals who perform their administrative roles at an executive level. "They are the primary source of advice on governance to their board."

"They are senior professionals trained in law, finance, governance and strategy. They principally work as company secretaries or in other similar roles."

The Chartered Governance Professional

Chartered Governance Professionals have a deep understanding of governance usually across the listed company, public and/or not-for-profit sectors, explains CSSA.

They also understand risk management and how to apply it across their organisation.

Chartered Governance Professionals often have roles as risk managers, compliance managers, legal counsel or executive and non-executive directors.

What is Chartered Membership?

A "chartered" designation is used to indicate professional competence. This status is awarded to individuals who are skilled or qualified in a particular field of work. This formal credential is bestowed by a professional body or society.

Where can I train?

CSSA offers an international qualification in corporate governance recognised in more than 80 countries. There are approved tuition providers offering the course should you wish to attend classes and this list is available on the CSSA website. CSSA also offers the self-study option.

The revised qualifying programme for chartered governance professionals aims to respond to the continued growth and diversification of corporate governance.

This new programme addresses the needs of students and employers while expanding the scope of the chartered qualification.

How long is the revised programme?

The CSSA chartered secretary course consists of 17 subjects which must be completed within 6 years.

Entry requirements

Students under 23 years must have an NQF Level 4 qualification or a senior certificate with a minimum rating of 4 in English and Numeracy, in order to apply.

For students with an existing degree a minimum of six modules at board level must be completed.
Students with relevant work experience and proof of their current education level can apply.

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By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing