Different Types Of Training Delivery Methods

person giving training

There are many different types of training delivery methods. Training is a set of processes that need to be followed and are designed to meet learning objectives related to trainees' current or future jobs. These processes can be grouped into the following phases; needs analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation.

Training Delivery Methods

  1. Coaching and mentoring

  2. Online learning / Videos/ Podcasts

  3. Instructor-led training / in-person training / Interactive learning

  4. Hands-on training/ Group participation/ Role Plays/ On-the-Floor Training

  5. Virtual reality training

  6. Products and services training

  7. Mandatory training

There are a lot of training delivery methods out there, but choosing a training method doesn’t need to be a chore. Stick to what you feel would work best for the environment you are in, for the people you are training and then take it from there. Start by considering the training options available and determine how they align with your goals, audience, and content.



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