Get a trade skill

There is a high demand for skilled tradesmen and women in South Africa and many trades to choose from.

For example you could pursue training in the plumbing, welding, carpentry, electrical, boilermaking or the building and construction trades.

Learning one of these skills allows you to be your own boss and opens up many work opportunities.

The Makers Academy provides high quality artisan training at every level to those interested in becoming skilled in a trade.

Once you have selected a trade you can develop your skills through one of the following courses presented by the Makers Academy:

Basic Course

This is an introductory course and is best suited to students who want to learn the basics of working with trade equipment or systems. The course contains both theoretical and practical elements and students will be guided by industry experts.

Advanced or Specialist Course

The emphasis of this course is on practical application. It contains modules from the basic course but offers a more comprehensive overview of the trade. It allows students to choose a specialty within their trade. For example, students in the welding trade may choose to specialise in either stainless steel, aluminium or mild steel welding.

Full Qualification Course

This course thoroughly prepares students to practice their trade. The qualification ensures that a sound skills base is developed at artisan level that can serve as the foundation for achieving the coded status required in industry.

Trade Test

All tradesmen are expected to pass their trade test in order to be fully recognised in their trade. The Makers Academy offers trade test preparation courses in every field to help students pass their test. This course is only available to students who have completed their practical and theoretical training.

The Makers Academy offers state of the art workshops and all the trades are done in a simulated practical workplace environment.

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