How To Apply For UIF Maternity Benefits



Maternity leave is an opportunity for mothers to bond with and look after newborn children. If you are a mother who is planning to go on maternity leave or are already on maternity leave, you can apply for the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) maternity benefits.



Losing income is very difficult for new mothers. Their expenses grow with the newest member of the family coming home. The UIF provides maternity benefits which allow new mothers to spend time with you beautiful child.

Here's How To Apply For UIF Maternity Benefits

Documents Needed When Applying For UIF Maternity Benefits

1. Your identification document, card, passport or asylum seeker’s permit.

2. Completed UI-2.8 Form (banking details)

3. Completed UI-2.7 Form (remuneration received by you whilst still in employment)

4. Completed UI-2.3 Form (Application form) 5. Doctors letter confirming the expected date of birth or birth certificate of the child

6. Completed UI-4 From (Application form)

You have to complete and submit all the above mentioned documentation and information. This can be submitted at a department of labour center or done on the uFiling website.

Qualifying Criteria 

Its important to not that the contributor must have been employed for at least 13 weeks before the date of the application. 

The application should be made prior to the birth of the child or within 12 months of the child being born. 

The contributor must be receiving less than the normal remuneration whilst on maternity leave

Benefits are payable at a flat rate of 66% for the period of confinement or period after the child’s birth In the event of a stillbirth or miscarriage benefits are paid for a maximum period of 121 days 





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