How To Apply For UIF Unemployment Benefits



Losing your job can be extremely stressful. You have no income but your living expenses remain.



Losing your job can be extremely stressful. You have no income but your living expenses remain.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) provides short term financial relief to workers whose income has been reduced or completely lost. If you recently became unemployed, you may qualify for UIF unemployment benefits. 

You can apply for UIF benefits at the nearest labour centre or choose to claim online. 

Here is the steps when applying for UIF unemployment benefits in person

Visit your nearest Labour Center and sign the unemployment register.

You will be asked to come back and sign the Unemployment Register again. If you remain unemployed, you will be required to sign the Unemployment Register every four weeks. You will be given a white card. This card will be signed each time you sign the register. 

If all your information is correct, you should start receiving money from the UIF within eight weeks of registering for unemployment benefits. You may visit the labour centre if you have not received your money after eight weeks. Remember to always have your name and ID ready. 

Each time you receive money, you will receive a slip with information about how much money you received and how much money you are still entitled to.

Here are the steps needed to apply for UIF unemployment benefits online  

Step 1: Log into your uFiling Account HERE

Step 2: Accept the Terms and Conditions

Step 3: Confirm your Banking Details

Step 4: Complete and Verify all your Personal Details

Step 5: Enter your Occupation and Qualification

Step 6: Confirm that you are a Work Seeker

It's important to note that your credits determine the benefits you are entitled to. The UIF credit system means that for every four days you work, you will receive a credit for one day. The UIF credits can grow to a maximum of 365 credits. The amount of credits you have will determine how many benefits you can claim. 





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