How To Submit A UIF Benefits Continuation Form



With an increase in South Africa’s unemployment rate in the final quarter of 2022, more people will rely on the financial support of the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). 



A UI.6A form is called the continuation form. By submitting this form, beneficiaries can apply to continue receiving monthly payments from the UIF.

There are two ways to submit a UIF continuation form. You can do it manually at a department of labour centre or you can submit it online at

Here’s How To Submit A UI.6A Form Manually

  1. Download the UI.6A form. 
  2. Visit 
  3. Click on “Resource Centre” 
  4. Select “Forms”
  5. Select “Unemployment Insurance Fund”
  6. Select “UI.6A” confirmation of Unemployment Status

Or simply CLICK HERE.

Once you have completed the form you may submit the form at any department of labour centre.

Here’s How To Submit A UI.6A Form Online

  1. Visit the Ufiling Website by CLICKING HERE 
  2. Enter your username and password.
  3. Select “Benefit Applications and Payments”.
  4. Select “Continuation of Benefits”. 
  5. Uses the drop-down arrow to select one of the four benefits and click “next”.
  6. Accept the terms and conditions.
  7. Confirm banking details. 
  8. Confirm personal details. 
  9. Select your region, labour centre and confirm your employment status.
  10. Once successfully submitted, the following message will appear, “your application has been successfully submitted”. 





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