Study environmental sciences at Unisa



Are you passionate about the planet? Environmental science looks at ways to manage and care for the natural surroundings.

Conservation is at the heart of environmental studies which is ideal for people who have an interest in the world around them.

Unisa offers courses in both life and environmental sciences, which include;

Environmental Management

In order to preserve natural resources for future generations we need people to create sustainable systems. As a result there are a growing number of career opportunities available in this sector.


A course in geography will help you understand the interaction between people and their physical environments. This subject may be taken as a major in the general BSc, BA or environmental management programmes.

Consumer Sciences

Consumer sciences focuses on the study of consumer behaviour within the disciplines of nutrition, hospitality management, consumer journalism, and clothing and textiles.

Life Sciences

This refers to the biological sciences such as botany, microbiology, physiology, zoology, biochemistry and genetics. Specialists can practice their expertise in a variety of contexts including hospitals, food manufacturing, government and forensic investigations.

Nature Conservation

Nature conservationists aim to develop sustainable models that will promote the preservation of natural areas. The programme covers all the components of the ecosystem and students will gain a deeper understanding of topics like ecology, biodiversity and sustainability.

Ornamental Horticulture

Horticulture focuses on both the practical and aesthetic uses of plants and landscapes. Students will learn the basic principles of plant science.

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