UIF Warns Citizens Against Applying For R30,000 Benefit



Workers in South Africa are required by law to make contributions to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). It might seem enticing if the government department that oversees the UIF wants to “return” this money to you.




The Department of Employment and Labour is warning citizens against sharing their personal information in the hope of receiving benefits from the department.

This warning comes after a suspicious post circulating on several social media platforms called on citizens to check if they are eligible to receive a sum of money from the country’s employment department.

The post alleges that workers who worked between 1900 and 2021 are entitled to receive R30,000 from the labour department. The post contains a hyperlink inviting them to add their names on the list so they can withdraw their benefits.

Fake Labour Department Social Media Post

 “The below picture circulating on social media claiming that workers employed from 1990 to 2021 will receive benefits from the [department] is fake and probably a scam. Please disregard it upon receipt,” said the department.

The UIF provides benefits to its contributors for several circumstances that may prevent them from working. These benefits include illness benefits , maternity benefits , reduced work time , adoption benefits  and parental benefits.

In cases where a contributor has died, the UIF provides dependent benefits. These benefits ensure that dependents can access money if they were financially dependent on the deceased UIF contributor.

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