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Many people are still unaware of the study opportunities government has provided through public Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Colleges.

TVET colleges, previously known as FET Colleges, offer a wide range of courses and training programmes that have been developed to respond to the scarce skills needed by employers.

This is good news for students who are undecided on their career path as studying at a TVET College will equip you with the skills you need to find employment in South Africa.

TVET Colleges can offer courses in industry fields such as agriculture, arts and culture, business, hospitality, commerce and management, education, training and development, engineering, manufacturing and technology, services, building construction and security.

These fields have been identified by government as critical sectors in the country.

While all TVET colleges are funded and supported by government they differ in the amount and variety of training programmes they offer. Some colleges may offer up to 300 different courses.

There is a strong focus on engineering and artisan training in the TVET landscape. This is due to government's plans to meet skills shortages in the engineering sector.
Study options vary between short courses and formal training programmes of up to three years.

While universities specialize in theoretical training, TVET Colleges are a good choice for students who want practical training. For example students who wish to pursue careers in hospitality would benefit from the hands-on approach of these public colleges.

According to the FET colleges website there are fifty registered and accredited public TVET Colleges in South Africa which operate on more than 264 campuses spread across the rural and urban areas of the country.

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By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing

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