Youth Encouraged To Take Up Entrepreneurship Opportunities


The youth unemployment rate in South Africa reached its peak in 2021, with more than 60% of the country’s youth aged 15 to 24 being without employment during this period. A seasoned media mogul has continued to promote youth entrepreneurship irrespective of the country being faced with the ripple effects that came with the Covid-19 pandemic.




In the fourth quarter of 2021, youth unemployment in South Africa reached its highest value with 64.18% and this was specifically the share of the workforce aged 15 to 24 that was not working but is actively searching for work during this period.

 Job cuts and retrenchments are among many contributing factors that have resulted in the high statistics.

Some experts have shared that the pandemic taught them many lessons when it comes to business, as many businesses closed their doors during this period.

Although this was not an easy time for entrepreneurs, media mogul and entrepreneur Phindi Gule-Burley continued to promote a youth entrepreneurship programme that mainly targets young women who are also entrepreneurs.

In an interview, Gule-Burley announced:

I will be hosting an entrepreneurship seminar in Durban on 11 February 2023, promoting youth entrepreneurship.

The YoungStar Entrepreneur is a two fold programme that aims to empower women in business. In the first phase of the programme, the participants are equipped with entrepreneurial skills, and they are given support in their respective businesses (start ups).

This is done by putting necessary structures in place under the guidance of mentors who are movers and shakers in their industries, including some successful entrepreneurs. 

In the second phase, the participants will enter into the Search for a YoungStar Entrepreneur competition and this is where the entrepreneur that stands out for its perseverance and hard work will be crowned the YoungStar Entrepreneur, and walk away with prizes.

The combined Prizes are valued at more than R1 million Rands, and the overall Winner’s Prizes include a Brand New Vehicle and R50,000Cash. 

“It is our hope that these prizes from our generous partners will enable these women to leave the programme upskilled, and run their businesses effectively with all the necessary tools at hand, " excitedly said Gule-Burley.

Although some young people are still sitting at home with no hope, this is a perfect opportunity for them to explore the world of entrepreneurship and some experts have also pointed out that this is a perfect way out of joblessness for the South African youth.


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