Government Programmes Take Youth Out Of Unemployment



Overcoming a significant challenge, South Africa's Presidential Youth Employment Initiative (PYEI) is making a positive difference in youth unemployment. Launched in 2019, the initiative aims to create sustainable work opportunities for young people aged 15 to 35. This age group faces a national unemployment rate nearly double the overall average.



A cornerstone of the PYEI is the platform. This free, online resource allows young people to find jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities, and educational programs. With over 4.3 million users and 1.6 million successfully connected to opportunities, is a key tool in addressing youth unemployment.

Collaboration is Key

The PYEI leverages partnerships with various government agencies and organizations. This collaborative approach strengthens the program and ensures a wider reach. President Cyril Ramaphosa emphasizes the importance of working with entities like the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) to implement successful programs like the National Youth Service and the Youth Employment Service (YES).

Equipping Young People for Success

The PYEI goes beyond simply connecting young people with jobs. The program offers valuable workplace experience and entrepreneurship opportunities. Over 115,000 workplace experience placements have been created, along with over 149,000 enterprise support opportunities. These programs equip young people with essential skills and knowledge to compete in the job market.

Measurable Results

The PYEI has demonstrably improved youth employment prospects. Over 1.7 million work opportunities have been created in the past three years, with a significant portion going to women. Additionally, the revitalized National Youth Service program has provided over 68,000 paid service opportunities, fostering civic engagement and valuable work experience.

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