How To Avoid Delayed SRD Grant Payments


With millions of beneficiaries, the R350 grant is a crucial support mechanism for many South Africans. However, many will not be able to access the crucial grant if they don't follow this step.




The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) is calling on Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant beneficiaries to ensure they provide their correct bank account details. This, as any mistakes made with your banking account information could result in you not being paid the R350 grant.

Sassa said, “Clients are advised to ensure that they provide correct banking details when submitting their application for the Covid-19 SRD grant.” 

The agency explained that failure to do this will result in delayed SRD grant payments provided that their application for the grant was approved.

SRD grant beneficiaries are advised to use their banking account details. This is because Sassa checks your banking account for any money that may prevent you from qualifying for the grant.

Sassa added that this assists the agency in preventing fraudulent activities related to the SRD grant. Grant beneficiaries can update their banking details on the SRD grant website.

The Department of Social Development also announced changes to the income threshold criteria for the SRD grant. The announcement means that more people are eligible to receive the grant.

The income threshold has been raised to the food poverty line of R624 per month. This means that people will now be allowed to earn up to R624 or have that amount of money in their bank account and still qualify for the grant.




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