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Do you want to go to university? Registering for the National Benchmark Test may be your next step. NBT registrations for 2024 are now open.



The National Benchmark Test (NBT) serves as a crucial assessment of a learner's academic readiness for higher education, making it essential for those aspiring to attend university to register for the NBT exams.

Comprising two tests, Academic Literacy and Quantitative Literacy (AQL), merged into a single multiple-choice examination, along with Mathematics (MAT), the NBT assesses various aspects of readiness.

While AQL evaluates preparedness for all university programs, MAT is specifically required for programs incorporating a mathematical component. Candidates are allotted three hours to complete both sections, each of which has its own time limit.

Prospective university candidates can easily register for the NBT exams on the official website at Simply navigate to "book a test" and follow the provided instructions to complete your registration. Upon successful registration, you'll receive a confirmation containing your unique NBT reference number, essential for payment processing.

The NBT Project permits individuals to take the test twice, with applicable fees payable each time. Candidates have the option to select either online or physical venue testing, with national writing sessions typically scheduled on designated Saturdays and Sundays, allowing candidates to plan accordingly.

For NBT registration, you'll need the following:

  • Official ID book (or passport for non-citizens of South Africa)
  • Unique email address
  • Preferred city and site for test writing
  • NBT requirements specified by the institutions you intend to apply to
  • Desired test date
  • Pen and paper to record your username and EasyPay number

It's crucial to note that the NBT Project does not dictate which test a learner must take or the deadline for results submission. Most South African institutions outline their requirements on their websites and in their prospectuses.

Learners are advised to complete the registration process promptly, as registration is date- and venue-specific. Missing a scheduled test requires re-registration and payment. Access to results is contingent upon payment for all tests registered.

For additional information, resources, and updates, explore related articles available on the NBT website.

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