Students Urged To Watch Out For Bogus Colleges


Bogus College operators take advantage of students who are looking to gain access to further education, leading to these students wasting years on a fake qualification.



Millions of students graduate from secondary institutions every year, combine that with public tertiary institutions overflowing and desperation, you could find yourself becoming a victim of the bogus college system as well as being defrauded. 

Students who register with fraudulent college end up with credentials and qualifications that are not recognized by the department or the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). This is why matric learners have been urged to be alert and refrain from registering at unregistered institutions.

In 2018, the Department of Higher Education succesfully prosecuted 40 individuals that were involved in operating fake schools in South Africa. The Department of Education, South African Police Service and the Prosecution Authority have been working together to find and remove all the fake or bogus colleges in South Africa.

Some of these Bogus College schemes are orchestrated by international influences, which include the United States of America, Europe and other countries within the African Continent. The department have also stated that they have been working with the FBI and the other international authorities in order to put a stop to all these bogus college schemes.

Deputy Minister of Higher Education, Buti Manamela has encouraged the public to do thorough research on any college or university that they have the intention of attending, because the department won't be able to catch all the bogus colleges operators. He believes that if the public and the department works together they can shut down the bogus schools in South Africa.

The department have made a list of accredited Universities and FET Colleges that are registered in South Africa which you can view down below.

It's advised that students should consult with the department via the online registers to verify whether the institutions are registered or not.

Should students have trouble accessing the websites, they can contact the department’s toll-free number on 0800 872 222.

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