What Are TVET College Students Receiving From Nsfas In 2023



The National Student Financial Aid Scheme provides comprehensive bursaries to deserving students at public tertiary educational institutions in South Africa. This included providing improved allocation to students studying at public colleges.



In 2023, The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (Nsfas) will begin paying a new allowance to students enrolled at Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges. 

Bursaries provides comprehensive funding to deserving students and aims to cover all the costs related to their studies. This includes paying tuition costs and accommodation costs and providing students with a Living Allowance, Personal Care Allowance, Accommodation Allowance, and Travel Allowance. 

In 2023, Nsfas announced its intention to address the gap in allowances received by TVET college students and students enrolled at public universities. These allowances may change once the Nsfas budget has been finalised for the 2023 academic year. 

Here’s The Allowances TVET College Students Will Receive In 2023

The allowances received by TVET college students vary depending on where they live. This as some students will live in college residences while others may stay in private accommodation.

It's important to note that students who receive an accommodation allowance do not qualify to receive a travel allowance. Students only qualify for one accommodation allowance type per academic term.

Students who live with their relatives or immediate family members will not qualify for an accommodation allowance. 

Nsfas added, “TVET College students who are registered on an occupational qualification may qualify for allowances ONLY if in simulated training, students registered on an occupational qualification that have an employment contract do not qualify for Nsfas allowances.” 

Students who do not provide the proof of home address as specified in will automatically qualify for the travel allowance and not the accommodation allowance 

TVET college students who are not allocated accommodation by their college can apply to Nsfas for private accommodation. 

Once a student applies for private accommodation, the institution or Nsfas must facilitate the rental/lease agreement on favourable terms. Students must confirm proof of home address when applying for the accommodation and confirm that such student is not residing with relatives or immediate family members.

Nsfas will also facilitate the accreditation and grading process of private accommodation close to the campus areas. The institution may apply to Nsfas to continue with the accreditation of private accommodation and to pay the accommodation allowance directly to accommodation providers and landlords.


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The cost of the tertiary education extends beyond the tuition fees of an academic programme. The higher education bursary scheme wants to ensure that students are adequately supported on their education journey.




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