4 Ways to study further in SA


Today accessing a higher education is easier than it has ever been. Not only is there more financial support for students but there are more institutions and programmes to choose from.

Whatever your age you can find a learning platform that suits your lifestyle and pocket.

Here are the four best ways to study further in South Africa.

Public Institutions

In SA public universities and TVET colleges are open to the general population. Anyone is allowed to attend a university or college provided they meet the course requirements. Public institutions receive extensive financial support and academic backing from government. As a result they are often cheaper than other study options but tend to be overcrowded.

Private Training Providers

As the name suggests these institutions are established by private owners. They generally offer a combination of short courses and degree programmes. Private training providers can be costly but smaller classes mean students receive more attention and guidance during lectures. If you want to earn a recognized qualification always check whether your training course is accredited.

Online Courses

This form of education is growing fast due to the creation of Massive Open Online Courses better known as MOOC's. MOOC's are typically free and have little to no requirements for learning. These platforms make learning flexible, affordable and accessible to people all over the globe.

There has also been a surge in paid for online courses as the focus on lifelong learning increases. For example Damelin and Oxbridge Academy are known for providing online education. Students who choose to study online must be computer literate have access to a pc and stable internet connectivity.

Distance Learning

In the traditional distance learning model students correspond with their institution via post. However that approach is changing as education moves online. In South Africa Unisa is a popular choice for students wanting to sign up for distance learning courses. In this model there are no formal classes as students receive learning material and academic support online. Much like online learning distance learning offers massive flexibility, however it requires high levels of self-discipline and good time management.

Always research your study options and prospective programmes before committing to a course of study.

Whatever pathway you choose make sure you understand what is required from you to succeed.