Broaden Your Career Prospects To Avoid Being Stuck In A Career Rut



Current jobseekers have been facing tough times. Employment is waning in South Africa, with some industries taking a harder knock than others. 



It’s easy to adopt a pessimistic outlook when faced with the reality of available jobs on a rocky path but the best advice is, if you find yourself looking for work, look for ways to differentiate yourself from the substantial number of applicants competing for the same positions.

Adopt skills for the 21st century world of work

When you examine the current marketplace, it’s evident that working environments and skills in demand have changed considerably over the last few decades. The workplace is now categorised by a multi-skilled, multi-generational workforce.

The environment itself has changed too with the rising rate of internet penetration. Some companies are now looking to employ individuals to work remotely, thereby saving money on resources and office space.

It’s important to view this information in the context of an evolving job market. Many prominent roles such as a blogger, social media marketer, graphic designer and user experience analyst weren’t recognised just a few decades ago. As such, it’s important to adopt the attitude of a lifelong learning by taking courses to expand on your CV and add to your current skill set.

Land the job you want

The process of sifting through reams of job listings can be very daunting. You need to approach the job hunt with a plan of action:

  • Join a recruitment agency: There are many agencies to register your CV with. 
  • Stay informed: Keep up to date with in-demand skills in you industry. The requirements of jobs change as the years go by. 
  • Customise your CV: Make sure you do not have a stock-standard CV. What makes you different from everyone else? If you want to demonstrate that you are truly interested in a position, you should customise your CV and cover letter for the job that you are applying for. Highlight the skills that are relevant to the position you would like to apply for. 




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