How To Apply For Jobs At PEP Stores



PEP stands as South Africa's largest single-brand retailer, renowned for offering affordable, high-quality clothing, footwear, and homeware. This guide details the steps to apply for jobs at PEP, showcasing the diverse opportunities available within this dynamic organization.



Established in 1965, PEP has burgeoned into one of South Africa's premier retailers, boasting over 2,000 stores nationwide. The brand is synonymous with its commitment to providing fashionable clothing at accessible prices, catering to diverse styles from casual wear to formal attire, along with an array of footwear and accessories.

Beyond retail, PEP engages in various corporate social responsibility initiatives, supporting early childhood development programs and providing assistance to those affected by disasters. The organization's 17,000-strong workforce shares a unique culture fostering growth, dignity, respect, and enjoyment.

PEP Vacancies

PEP offers a spectrum of job opportunities spanning retail, customer service, marketing, finance, and more. Some examples of PEP vacancies include:

  • Retail sales associates
  • Cashiers
  • Store managers
  • Distribution centre workers
  • Marketing assistants
  • Human resources professionals
  • Finance-related roles
  • IT staff

Applying for PEP Jobs

To embark on a career with PEP, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the PEP Careers website.
  2. Identify a PEP job that aligns with your interests.
  3. Complete the online application form.
  4. Submit all required documents to the provided email address.
  5. Await a response from the PEP team.
  6. If no response is received within 30 days, consider your application unsuccessful.

Before submitting your application form, ensure you meet the necessary requirements for PEP vacancies and understand the duties associated with working at a PEP store.

Crafting a Great CV for PEP Vacancies

Ensure your CV stands out by following these tips:

  • Update the design for a clean, modern look.
  • Start with a brief summary highlighting your abilities and accomplishments.
  • Emphasize key strengths and competencies relevant to the job.
  • Present your education and experience in a chronological order.
  • Keep your CV concise, ideally two-to-three pages.
  • Eliminate grammatical or spelling errors for a polished presentation.

Avoiding Common CV Mistakes

Steer clear of these mistakes:

  • Not tailoring your CV to the specific position.
  • Using unprofessional email addresses.
  • Lacking detail in your current role.
  • Using basic language; incorporate keywords.
  • Leaving unexplained gaps in your employment history.

Cover Letter Tips for Job Seekers

Craft an impactful cover letter with these tips:

  1. Address the hiring manager by name.
  2. Highlight relevant experience and skills.
  3. Express enthusiasm for the company and the job.
  4. Keep the letter short and focused.
  5. Conclude with a strong call to action.


PEP offers a diverse array of job opportunities, ranging from entry-level positions to management roles, emphasizing growth and advancement within the organization. By following the outlined steps and presenting a compelling CV and cover letter, applicants can position themselves for success in securing a fulfilling career at PEP.

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