Traditionally the term 'job' referred to a paid position of regular employment. A worker would perform certain duties for an employer at a specified time and would receive monetary reward for their service. The idea of the 9 to 5 job has since been transformed to incorporate elements such as flexible work hours, remote workforces and online businesses.

Today more professionals are considering self employment or business ownership as a viable way to ear money for their services, skills, and knowledge.

With years of hard work and the exhilaration of graduation behind them, the real effort now starts for new graduates, to get their foot in the door of the world of work.

There will come a time when you’ll need other career options. You can’t just continue doing the same thing that you’ve been doing for the past seven years indefinitely.

If you’re finding that you’re bored at work and unfulfilled by your job, you’re not alone. Many people reach a stage in their career when they start to wonder why they chose that specific path in the first place.

Do you have goals and dreams that require action? Here are a few thoughts and quotes to inspire you and help you get ahead.

Getting the job interview in today's competitive job search environment means creating a CV that stands out in the crowd. Recruiters and employers see hundreds of CV’s for any particular position, so making sure yours leaves a lasting impression is critical for success.

Today freelancers present 35% of the workforce in the United States, 16% in the European Union and while South African figures are harder to determine, the number is thought to be about 10% and rising strongly.

A recent study found that Millennials change jobs about four times in their first decade out of college.

In a world where everyone seems to be on a mission to live out their passions and pursue their dream careers, thanks to YOLO, many of us find ourselves wanting to clear out our desks, get up and move on to better things.

Whether you’re starting a new job, just getting comfortable or considered as a trooper in the company already, there will always be a reason to have confidence in the workplace.

While the thought of a job interview can make most of us feel nervous, an interview can take on a new dynamic when it’s occurring within your current place of work.

Trying to find your next job can be tough. No matter whether this is your first job or your tenth one, it can be difficult to know whether you’re making the correct decision.

Looking for a new job can be a nerve-wracking process. And, sometimes, you might feel so desperate that you accept the first offer that comes along.

Getting a matric with university entrance is one of the primary goals of secondary education.

Deciding on the perfect path to take, when it comes to a career, is a daunting task. With hundreds of careers to choose from, it makes it seriously difficult pinpointing one and sticking with it for the rest of your life! It’s a challenge just deciding what we feel like for dinner!

Pursuing a career in the automotive industry or any male-dominated sector is never easy but Sisonke Nkekana is up to the challenge.

For some, the idea of being a freelancer is rather appealing. To be someone who creates or finds work for themselves by making use of their abilities to write, perform or provide any kind of service.

Your company is embroiled in a reputational crisis of such magnitude it could bring down the business and with it your previously stellar career as a senior executive … what do you do to protect your own good name?

Roline Spees talks about what it means to work in the law enforcement field for the City of Cape Town.

Being turned down time after time for jobs you’ve applied for can be intensely disheartening, but there are some proven actions candidates can take to ensure their applications improve over time, which in turn will improve their chances in the marketplace, an expert says.

The question regularly asked when going for a job interview is: “where do you see yourself in five years’ time?” A promotion is always welcome. Most aspire to become a supervisor, a manager or even a CEO.

The question regularly asked when going for a job interview is: “where do you see yourself in five years’ time?” A promotion is always welcome. Most aspire to become a supervisor, a manager or even a CEO.

Promotions are a lovely thing. We are all secretly striving for that next big step, for gaining a little more importance and let’s face it - making a little more cash.

We’ve come a long way from the thinking that creatives are a select crowd of eccentric people with stars in their eyes and flowers in their hair.



We make hundreds of small decisions every day, from what we are going to eat for breakfast to the clothes we want to wear. Our decisions are influenced by certain preferences that we may not even be aware of or be able to explain.

The internet has made it easier for job seekers to find suitable employment, but it has also increased the risk of being deceived by fake job advertisements.


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