Traditionally the term 'job' referred to a paid position of regular employment. A worker would perform certain duties for an employer at a specified time and would receive monetary reward for their service. The idea of the 9 to 5 job has since been transformed to incorporate elements such as flexible work hours, remote workforces and online businesses.

Today more professionals are considering self employment or business ownership as a viable way to ear money for their services, skills, and knowledge.

Is freelancing for you? Here are some things you should know about being self-employed.

In the current economic environment, retrenchment has become a harsh reality for many breadwinners in South African households.

Can't seem to land the job? If you've had multiple interviews with no success you could be making a common mistake in the interview room.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If you have never plotted your career path these tips will help you plan for the future.

When taking up a new job offer we often underestimate the importance of finding an organisation with the right cultural fit. As individuals we thrive or fail in different environments.

So, you’ve reached your thirties and you’ve done pretty well for yourself. You enjoy your free time, you have great friends and possibly a family of your own.

In a country where finding work is a daily struggle for many, a Twitter hashtag is doing its bit in helping jobseekers get their foot in the door of the South African labour market.

Be found, stand out and get ahead in the job market by developing a personal brand.

The working world has evolved and young people need to adapt to the changes if they hope to find employment in the 21st century.

You've found the perfect job (or internship, or bursary) with a government department. Applying to government positions is a complicated process, so here's a guide on how to apply to government jobs.

As a hardworking professional you’re likely uninterested in spending your spare time focused on more work. In order to have a successful career, which you enjoy and find to be a fulfilling, you need to put in some extra effort.

When interviewing for a new job, it can be disappointing when you're not selected for the position. Learn how to turn rejection into an opportunity with these tips from leading workforce solutions provider ManpowerGroup South Africa.

Not everyone has the opportunity to study straight after high school but its never too late to further your education.

No one is born into senior management. Top performers are invariably built, not born. But here’s the thing… they build themselves. They are DIY experts at equipping themselves with the knowledge, skills and attitudes that take them up to the corporate suite and then into the boardroom.

While not everyone is innately confident in the workplace, recent research shows a strong correlation between confidence and occupational success. 

We've covered How to Write a CV in the past, but it's time for us to step up our game. So if you're looking for an example CV to use as a template, we have got your back! Keep reading to download the template and start crafting your CV. Be sure to share this page with your friends!

One of the most effective ways to steer young people into employment and meaningful careers is to expose them to the range of options available to them. This is the focus and premise behind the annual Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) Career Expo.


If you have ever received a rejection letter from a prospective employer you know that rejection can be tough, but its not the end of the world.

You've found the perfect job (or internship, or bursary) with a government department. Applying to government positions is a complicated process, so here's a guide on how to apply to government jobs.

The corporate job market is slowing and South Africans are increasingly going to have to find alternatives to working for a big company to earn an income.

The biggest differentiators between senior executives and employees at all other job levels are not track record and education as might be expected; but rather ambition, the ability to adjust, and a consistent quest for learning, an independent psychometric study has found.

As the labour market changes with the times, and new job categories emerge, the skills that employers look for in graduates entering the job market are changing too.

Students or graduates are often encouraged to participate in 'work experience' but what is it and why is it important?

Are you thinking about ways to make some extra money? Why not start by looking at the things that you are good at or enjoy doing.

As a working professional its hard to find time in your busy schedule to participate in training courses, so what do you do if you want to improve your skills?


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