Here’s Why School Uniforms Are Expensive

why school cloths are so expensive

After the competition commissions’ judgement that parents cannot be forced to purchase school uniforms from specific retailers, parents will be saving money.

School uniforms are often uniqueThis is because the uniforms that learners wear tells members of the public what school they attend.

The school a learner attends can even be identified by the color of their blazer or the special shirts with the school crest on it.

The unique nature of some school uniforms cost parents more money. This, as special or unique school clothing items are not readily available in big retailers but in small interdependent suppliers.

This essentially gave the supplier the ability to set prices as there would be no competition. This often resulted in parents having to pay exuberant prices for school clothing items.

Marthie Raphael, PEP Clothing CEO explains that oftentimes when retailers are producing products in small quantities, the cost is often higher.

Raphal explains that if you have large quantities to produce, that lowers the cost as you can be more efficient and productive. This lowers the cost of manufacturing clothing. She adds that retailers also add on their markups, which further increases the price.

She added that specification of school uniforms could also drive up the price. This includes the type of raw materials that are used to produce the item as well as the types of buttons, trims and fabric.

Raphael has also welcomed the ruling from the competition commission which states that parents can’t be forced to purchase school clothing or uniforms from specific retailers. This as she believes that competition is good and that no child should be away from school because their parents can't afford school fees and uniforms.



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