How To Become A Draughtsman

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 A draughtsman is sometimes confused with either an architect or an engineer. These three work together as a team. A draughtsperson works with the engineer in the planning and designing of buildings whereas an architect is an overseer.

Today, let’s take a closer lens into the role of a draughtsman. Draghting goes as far back as the 2000 BC, with the Babylonian Fortress being the initial project as noted in history.

The advancement of technology has changed the landscape of this industry immensely. From doing drawings on paper to using computer software that modifies the actual drawing itself.

Computer programs used in draghting include AutoCAD, SolidWorks, or even Revit. Computer literacy is one amongst many skills needed for one to thrive in draghting. 

Before embarking on the journey of being a draughtsman, you must be skilled in the following:

  • Drawing
  • Mathematical skills
  • Computer savvy
  • Design knowledge
  • Concentration
  • Analytical skills
  • Teamwork

Which Courses?

Advisably perfect your skill of drawing, research on softwares and digital tools to broaden your knowledge. Thus, you’ll have an idea of how technical drawing looks like and what to expect once you choose this stream.

Before applying, the prospective student needs to have a National Senior Certificate (Grade 12) Mathematics/ Mathematics Literacy & Engineering Graphics & Design (Technical Drawing) and meet minimum requirements before being accepted into a progamme.

Programmes are mostly available at TVET colleges, private institutions and a handful at traditional universities.Types of Engineering Drafting Courses are Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees . 

You can study draghting in the following institutions:

    1. The Academy of Draughting 
    2. The Academic Institute of Excellence
    3. UNISA 
    4. Berea Technical College
    5. Nelson Mandela University
    6. African Academy: Draughting & Design | Training Institute
    7. Academy IDT: The Draughting Academy
    8. Damelin Correspondence
    9. Professional Drafting Services
    10. Northlink College
    11. Coastal KZN College
    12. Rosebank College
    13. South African Institute of Draughting
    14. Draughting Courses Stellenbosch - School of IT
    15. Sowela Technical Community College

As you are still studying towards your qualification, job shadow professionals in the field and have a portfolio of your work. You need to have at least a certificate from trade school, or a four year degree to become a draughtsman.

This will come in handy when you apply for your future job. Join an association and make sure that you are certified. 

Main duties of draughtsman are to create drafting designs. Often, this includes computer programs such as AutoCAD or AutoDesk. Depending on the preference of a person, there can be different areas of expertise in this career.

Drafting work specialties:

  • Aeronautical drafters 
  • Architectural drafters
  • Civil drafters 
  • Electrical drafters 
  • Electronics drafters 
  • Mechanical drafters 
  • Process piping or pipeline drafters



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