How To Cancel Your SASSA R350 Grant

SASSA Press Conference

If you have recently become employed, you are required to cancel your special Covid-19 R350 Social Relief of Distress grant. If you want to know how to do this, follow the easy steps below. 

Visit the SASSA website at 

Step 1: Click on the Cancel my Application Tab: Click here to cancel online

Step 2: Provide your ID number and your Mobile number. 

Step 3: Click send pin. 

Step 4: You will receive an SMS with a 6-digit one time pin (OTP).

Step 5: Insert the 6- digit OTP and click verify pin.

Step 6: Click cancel my grant

Step 7: You will be asked if you are sure about cancelling your grant

Step 8: Click Yes 

Sassa recently announced that around 32 000 people have wrongly benefited from the R350 SRD grants. These were government employees that were caught due to their employment information being in the system. 

SASSA executive for Grants Administration, Dianne Dunkerley said “one of the challenges in government is the need to have a single comprehensive view of citizens that really starts speaking to all government departments sharing their data. We have a complete data source with every single citizen in this country… that will really help to roll out programmes like the R350 grants a lot more efficiently,” 



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