How To Check Your UIF Status

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Earlier this year, Statistics South Africa Revealed that the unemployment rate in the country stands at 34%. People who have previously been part of the country's labour force qualify for short term financial support.

This financial support is provided to workers by the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). The UIF provides short term financial relief to unemployed individuals, including people who are unable to work.

To check your UIF status, follow the steps listed

Step 1: Visit the UIF website by clicking HERE
Step 2: Click on ‘Check My Status’
Step 3: Enter the information you are asked to provide
Step 4: You will be required to complete a captcha test

Once you have completed these steps you will be able to check the progress on your claims.

The UIF provides benefits to contributors who are not able to work due to retrenchment, illness, maternity leave and adoption leave. The UIF also pays out benefits to dependents of deceased contributors to the fund.

You must however have been registered with the UIF and have contributed to the fund. This contribution is equivalent to 2% of your gross monthly income. Your employer is responsible for contributing 1% to the fund and the remaining 1% is deducted from your salary.



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