Make Your Job Search Successful



Unemployment is a sore topic for many and the job search process even more exasperating. Here are a couple of tips on how to make your job search successful.



High unemployment levels, like in South Africa, means increased job competition. So how do you gain the necessary job searching skills to you set yourself apart in a sea of desperate job seekers?

Shaun Swartz, CEO of Learnalot offers some advice.

Make no mistake

According to Swartz the number one mistake job seekers make is the failure to proof-read their CVs. It is common practice amongst job seekers to submit CV's with spelling and grammatical errors.

This reflects poor language use, laziness and ultimately a lack of interest in the job. When recruiters receive such CVs, they are automatically discarded, as they have created a bad impression about the job seeker. Studies suggest that 8 of 10 CVs are rejected in a 10-second glance.

Make it personal

"Customise your CV to each job that you are applying for so that you highlight your applicable skills for that jobs, " says Swartz. One way to do this is to include an objective statement, a summary of the job that you are seeking, your skills, experiences and the reason you should be hired for the job.

Recruitment and human resources personnel don't want to wade through long drawn out CV's to identify the relevance of your skills. Keep employers interested by relating your expertise to the job specifications required.

Make a good impression

The last thing you want to do is become a nuisance to your prospective employer, so you need to be tactful about your approach.

According to Swartz there are two times in the application process when it is appropriate to follow up. "After submitting a CV send a follow-up email highlighting why you are well suited to the job and the value you would add to the company."

It is also a good idea to let people know that you appreciate their time. "Send a follow-up email after an interview thanking them for the opportunity to interview. . Use this opportunity to show them that you are interested in the job and remind them that you are the best fit for the job.”

Make every moment count

"It is vital to stay positive and to view each application and interview as a learning experience for the next one." This is an important part of getting through the job search period. One should try not take any rejections as something personal, says Shaun.

If you find yourself currently unemployed perhaps it is of some comfort to remember that you are not alone. There are many others who are struggling to find a job that pays the bills and meets their needs and even those who are employed have at some point or other travelled the same road.

Maintain your enthusiasm during the process and equip yourself to succeed. Tackle your job search as a full-time job. As with anything, ensuring that you have the right skills will help you to succeed.

For more insights about finding a job, join the Work Essentials online short course, 'Learn how to find and keep your dream job' offered by Learnalot.




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