What makes a good employee?

Do you ever wonder what employers are looking for in a worker? Besides the required skills there are certain qualities that make you a good fit for any company.

Regardless of the sector or nature of the job there are certain traits that every working person must have to in order to succeed in the business world.

In the video “11 best qualities of a good employee” we explore some of these traits and find out what makes a good employee.

Hard worker

“ There is no substitute for hard work.” This might seem like an obvious trait but it is not uncommon for diligent employees to become careless and indifferent after a prolonged period in one job. Employees who succeed are the ones who consistently give their best.

Effective learner

Adjusting to new environments and performing new tasks is not something that comes naturally. These are behaviours that need to be learned. Being a good employee means having a humble attitude and a willingness to learn.

Team Performer

This is someone who is able to contribute to the common good of the team and the business. This may include doing tasks that sometimes fall outside of your job description. It also means being enthusiastic, reliable and committed.

Self controlled

A self controlled employee is able to work with different personalities. A disciplined person is also able to do their job without being constantly monitored by the boss. This includes being punctual, completing tasks on time and doing work without being asked.

People who have these traits are an asset to any company and make the working environment a pleasant and productive place.

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