What Is The UIF’s Claims Process?



Losing even a portion of you income can be disastrous, as your expenses will remain the same. The Unemployment Insurance Fund provides benefits which supplement the lost income of contributors.



In South Africa, employees who work more than 24 hours per month are required to contribute to the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). This allows them to access short-term financial relief in case of income loss due to various circumstances. 

The UIF provides benefits for individuals who lost their job or lost income due to Illness, Maternity leave, Adoption leave, Parental leave. Benefits are also provided for employees who had reduced work time. Individuals must have contributed to the UIF to claim benefits.

To claim UIF benefits, all UIF contributors need to submit a claim. It is recommended to gather all the necessary documents before submitting the claim, including proof of identification, supporting documentation for the UIF claim, and bank details. It is also useful to research which forms are needed for the UIF benefit you are applying for. 

UIF claims can be submitted at a labour centre or through the uFiling website.

Submitting A UIF Claim At A Labour Centre 

  1. Visit the nearest labour centre.
  2. The process for claiming UIF benefits may vary depending on the specific benefits being applied for.
  3. Required documents, such as proof of identification and pay slips, need to be provided, and claim forms must be completed.
  4. The labour centre may request additional documentation depending on the benefits being claimed.
  5. Once the UIF claim is submitted, employees will receive notification.

Submitting A UIF Claim Through The uFiling Website  


  1. Create an employee account on the uFiling website.
  2. Log in to the uFiling account.
  3. Click on "Benefit Application and Payments."
  4. Select "Apply for Benefits."
  5. Choose the type of benefit you are applying for.
  6. Accept the Terms and Conditions and proceed to the next step.
  7. Verify your bank details and continue.
  8. Confirm your personal details, including your physical and postal addresses.
  9. Provide information regarding your occupation and qualifications.
  10. Update your work seeker information and click "Submit."
  11. Supporting documentation may be required, which can be downloaded from the UIF website or sent via email.
  12. Claimants can check the status of their UIF claim by logging into their uFiling account and clicking on "Application History."

The UIF will notify individuals of the outcome of their claim after processing it.

It's important to note that UIF claims cannot be submitted by employees who resigned, absconded, or have been suspended from work. Benefits are paid based on the contributor's available credits.


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The main purpose of the Unemployment Insurance Fund is to offer short-term financial support to its contributors should they ever become unemployed. Beneficiaries are encouraged to regularly check the progress of their payments to stay up to date with their claim status.




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