Does The R350 Grant Extension Affect Applications?


When the R350 grant's continuation was announced last month, rumours that it would be terminated the next year were put to rest. But does this extension mean that current recipients should reapply?



Recipients of the R350 grant were recently told that the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) programme will continue for another fiscal year. 

Following the announcement, South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) said that recipients of the SRD grant no longer need to submit new applications every month. However, recipients must visit the Sassa website every three months and answer a few questions to establish whether they still need the grant or meet its eligibility.

Before the extension, SRD grant reapplications were due by the end of April 2022 to deal with a backlog of payments from the previous cycle. Sassa advises beneficiaries to regularly update their information to prevent payment delays.

However, before submitting an online application for the SRD grant, applicants who fit the following criteria should confirm that they do so.

  • You must be a citizen of South Africa, a permanent resident, a refugee, an asylee, or possess a special permit.
  • You must be unemployed.
  • Have no other means of support for your finances or a backup income source.
  • Have an age range of 18 to 60

In addition to this, Sassa R350 grant recipients who will be taken into account under the new regulations (Social Assistance Act) must meet the R350 income eligibility criterion, i.e., they must have a monthly income below that amount.

Additionally, Sassa R350 grant applicants who will be considered under the grant’s new regulations (Social Assistance Act) must meet the R350 income qualifying criteria or have monthly incomes below that amount.

The SRD grant will run an additional year from April 2022 to March 2023.




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