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Dr Marlini Nair-Moodley, a MANCOSA academic, business advisor and author

Women can learn the ins and outs of becoming entrepreneurs when private higher education institution MANCOSA’s Centre for Women in Leadership hosts a virtual masterclass on Saturday 11 September from 11am.

In order to be effective at work we must start by realizing and admitting we have both strengths and weaknesses. Both issue impact either negatively or positively on our work and ability to work effectively.

Mancosa webinar poster

In an effort to shine a bright light amidst the uncertainty and gloom brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the tough economic times, MANCOSA, a private higher education institution, will host a motivational virtual webinar on World Positivity Day, 13 September at 12 noon.

artificial intelligence

The benefits of coaching, helping individuals and organisations to achieve their goals, are out of reach for many, due to high costs and scarcity of skilled coaches – but new research showing the effectiveness of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) coach called Vici is set to change that and democratise the business of coaching.

estate planning

Did you know that more than 70% of South Africa’s working population don’t have wills? It’s understandable because, for most of us, estate planning is synonymous with retirement – that far-off problem you will consider later in life. After all, why worry about your estate when you’re paying a bond, saving for your children’s education, or when you only have a few assets? 

The impact of technology on the world over the past two decades has been unsurpassed, with countless industries being disrupted by technological advances and developments. Over the past five years, this impact has become prevalent in the established financial sector, with emerging technologies increasingly affecting incumbent businesses and their clients.
Cyril Ramaphosa with former President Jacob Zuma

Over the weekend, the ANC resorted to a crowdfunding initiative to assist them in the payment of employees who have not yet received their salaries. In doing so, they shared a poster on a number of social media platforms, with banking details, asking members of the public and ANC supporters to make contributions to a Nedbank account.

Patrice Niyonteze

A Rwandan refugee who knew he deserved a better chance in life and decided to improve his academic qualifications took a job as a car guard so he could pay for tertiary education.

Statistics underline importance of TVET Month

At False Bay TVET College, whose campuses are located in some of the most vulnerable communities of Cape Town, it has become clear that the student population is deeply affected by the increased levels of poverty and unemployment sparked by the pandemic. As a caring institution, the College must be able to respond to the social and economic challenges faced by the vast majority of our student population. The problems of hunger and food insecurity particularly require an urgent response.



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