Find a training course or training program to further your education and skills development in South Africa. The Skills Portal hosts dozens of accredited training institutions offering over 14000 training courses in over 40 different subject areas.

Tourism Deputy Minister Elizabeth Thabethe has urged graduates of a government funded programme to use the skills obtained in the course to empower themselves.

Are you looking to develop your skills and obtain an Occupationally-Directed Education, Training and Development (OD-ETD) qualification? 

It is a tradition to set goals at the beginning of each year, but sticking to those goals proves to be very challenging. According to numerous researches only 3% of people set goals, why so low I ask?

Soft skills are in demand from employers and can help employees make transitions to new roles or advance their careers, even in the evolving landscape where the lifespan of skills is shorter than ever. 

Most organisations will undergo periods of change and uncertainty at some point. Mergers, acquisitions, new management and leadership are some of the dynamics that can lead to change.

Any discussion about solving South Africa’s challenges (or any country’s or organisation’s, for that matter) eventually comes back to the idea of leadership. 

SA’s largest provider of IT education, CoGrammar, has launched the CoGrammar Careers Program in partnership with Cape Town-based NGO, Salesian Life Choices.  

At a time when developing technology skills for a digital world have become a priority, companies will do well not to limit their focus on acquiring computer science and programming talent but also expand into other, more diverse fields.

They say employees are the lifeblood of all organisations - yes, without customers, your business would not exist, but employees are the ones who keep your customers happy

Find out how a psychology graduate is making South Africa a better place with a Master's Degree in gender studies. 

Why should you care about the environment? Businesses have a massive role to play and a huge responsibility towards the environments in which they operate.

"An ETD practitioner is an individual who is typically involved in one or more education, training and development-related activities within an organisation, " says Ghawa Latib, ETD Practitioner at Omni HR Consulting.   

Are you an influencer? Do you have the opportunity to influence anyone in your life?

Technology – more than just Automation and AI – is already creating the most seismic impact on the Finance, Audit and Accountancy functions

Acquiring new abilities while nurturing timeless skills will help leaders become digital leaders – and stay ahead of the competitive game.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a real buzz word in the workplace, but it really does have a tremendous impact on the success of a business. 

If you are in a management role you will be all too familiar with the stresses associated with senior positions.

Are you among the 27% of unemployed South Africans? Stuck in a position with no opportunity to grow? Perhaps you should consider a career in the booming call centre industry.

An experienced manager with the right training and skills can be a tremendous boon to any organisation. Likewise, a bad manager can have the opposite effect.

There is a high demand for skilled tradesmen and women in South Africa and many paths to choose from.

The South African Police Service has welcomed 5 000 police trainees into its ranks, which will increase its operational capacity.

What do you do when you don’t know something? Who do you ask if you need a “how-to” guide? You Google or watch a YouTube video, right? People have book knowledge, they learn through what they read or watch either at university or on the internet. But they simply don’t have the practical know-how. We call it the gap between knowing and doing. It is, in fact, a vital skills gap and the harsh reality of most companies’ managerial structures.

Although it is the norm today for people to change direction a few times during their career, many are terrified of starting from scratch in a new field. 

In 2007 South Africa was identified as one of the world’s upcoming Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) destinations of choice. Now, 12 years’ on, does this still ring true?


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) plays a vital role in the economy of a country, enabling enterprising young people to develop solutions to problems within their communities and take up business opportunities. 


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