Mentoring for Transformation Course (u/s 11911)


This training can be delivered either via contact sessions or elearningContact Sessions: 3 contact days with minimum 6 weeks to complete an assignment.Distance/E-learn Sessions: Minimum one learning unit a week which adds up to a total of 10 weeks including the assignment.Unit Standard: 11911 - Manage Individual Careers. NQF Level 5. Credits: 5Description: Good mentors transform lives. Although this may sound like a cliché, this is what we believe about the power of our new Mentorship Course which we are also offering via e-learning.  Please view the attached YouTube video that gives more insight into this very relevant programme: 19- has definitely rocked the boat on various fronts. From revealing the inequalities in society to the inadequateness of some of our traditional training approaches. We believe that experienced and mature mentors acting as role models, brokers, advocates and counsellors will impact the workforce of the future, one mentee at a time. We believe mentoring suits the ways millennials learn and gives them the autonomy and freedom to choose how they learn while being supported at the same time by caring, committed and experienced individuals.Learning Units: 1. The Future of WorkLearning Units: 2. Organisational TransformationLearning Units: 3. Mentoring ValueLearning Units: 4. Career ManagementLearning Units: 5. Mentoring ConcersationsLearning Units: 6. Coaching Conversations

Contact Details
Contact Person:
David Loubser
Contact Email:
david [at]
Course Details
Unit Standard:
NQF Level:
Level 5
Course Duration:
3-days contact or elearning
Course Delivery Method:

E-learning E-learning

In Class In Class

Presented Presented Courses

In House In-House

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