3 Tips to help you find a mentor

The idea of being guided by someone with more life experience or business expertise is very appealing, but how do you simply become a mentee?

We all want good advice, but finding someone who has real knowledge and the time to share it can be tricky.

In her video 'How to find a mentor' Marie Forleo offers some helpful tips to finding and retaining good mentors in your life.

Embrace virtual mentors

According to Forleo 'you don't need to meet someone to be mentored by them.”

You can receive guidance through books, interviews or speeches. “Those things contain people's best thoughts, all their experiences and all their lessons.”

Today podcasts and online content makes it even easier to access the words and ideals of people you admire.

The advantage of virtual mentorship is that you can revisit good material whenever you want.

Don't look for 'The One”

“Don't put so much pressure on one relationship.”

It's not wise to live your whole life according to one person's idea's. Nobody has all the answers.

Be open to learning from different people and hearing contrasting point's of view.

“Rather than looking for mentorship from just one person focus your efforts on building a strong network of relationships.”

Learn from your peers

People assume that mentors should only be people who are “higher up” on the corporate ladder.

“When you're looking for people to connect with and learn from do not underestimate the power of looking to your colleagues too.”

Your peers can sometimes provide better insights into the challenges you are facing because they are walking through similar struggles.

People who are further along the journey might find it difficult to relate your current situation. And their advice might not be as “relevant or tactical”.

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By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing