Can My UIF Claim Be Rejected?



Unforeseen circumstances that lead to a loss of income can be devastating for many people. A fund in South Africa ensures that workers can access short term financial relief if they require it.




The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) provides temporary relief to workers who lost income for several circumstances. To qualify for this financial relief, employers must have contributed to the UIF monthly. 

The amount contributed monthly is equal to 2% of the remuneration received by the employee. In this case, 1% is paid by the employer and 1% is paid by the employee.

Several benefits are offered to UIF contributions which ensures they can access relief should they be unable to work. Contributors can apply for these benefits on the uFiling website.

These benefits include providing financial assistance when a UIF contributor becomes unemployed or passes away. If a UIF contributor passes away, their dependents will be paid UIF benefits. Other  benefits offered by the UIF include for circumstances where a contributor takes  maternity leave, parental leave, adoption leave and illness leave.

Can A UIF Claim Be Rejected?

Yes, your UIF claim can be rejected by the UIF. 

Your UIF claim can be  declined for various reasons. These reasons include incomplete UIF application, incorrect forms, incorrect employment records or incorrect information. 

“There are also cases where the claimant’s employment history shows that previous employer/s never terminated the applicant when she or he left” added the UIF. 

A claimant can get the reason for their claims rejection via the call centre on 08000 3000 7 or visit the labour centre where they applied for the UIF beignets. 

Claimants can also appeal the UIF’s decision on the uFiling website or at the labour centre where their claim was rejected. 

There is no fixed time for any decisions on your UIF appeal as the fund will evaluate the merits of each appeal. This results in a varied timeframe for UIF appeal claims. 





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