The Importance Of A Moderator In Training


What does a moderator do? Well, Academy Training Group gives insight into what a moderator does and just how important they are.



In the field of education and training the most talked about roles are that of a Facilitator and an Assessor, yet the role of the Moderator is possibly the most important role of all.

So what does a Moderator actually do?

Basically – Quality Assurance – of all of the activities performed by an Assessor.

This quality assurance process that the Moderator performs is to confirm that the Assessor conducted a fair assessment in accordance with the Principles of Good Assessment and the judgement made by the Assessor of the evidence presented by the Candidate is correct.

In essence the Moderator is quality assuring the whole process from the training conducted by the Facilitator to the assessment process performed by the Assessor.

In this respect the importance the role of a Moderator plays can, undoubtably, not be underestimated in the field of education and training.

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