Applications For Matric Exam Remarks/Rechecks Open - Matric Remarking Process 2024



The matric results for the Class of 2023 have been officially published. If you find yourself dissatisfied with your results, there are alternative courses of action available, such as applying for a remark or requesting a recheck.



Following the release of matric results for the 2023 academic year, registrations for Matric exam remarks and rechecks are currently open. If you are dissatisfied with your matric results, this presents a valuable opportunity for you to potentially enhance them.

Both full-time and part-time candidates can apply.

What A Matric Remark Is

If candidates believe that the marks assigned to them do not accurately reflect their actual performance on the written papers, they have the option to request a re-mark of their scripts. This involves a thorough reassessment of the original answer script by a different marker.

A remark will cost R116 per subject.

What A Matric Recheck Is

Requesting a recheck of your matric script involves a comprehensive review to ensure that all questions have been correctly marked and that the marks have been accurately calculated.

A recheck costs R29 per subject. To just view your script, it will cost R220. 

Matric Remarking Process 2024

There is a process you should follow when you want to have one or more of your matric exam scripts remarked.

How To Apply

Application forms can be obtained from the centre where the exam was written. This application can also be done online by following these steps:

  1. Visit The Government’s Official e-Services Portal 

  2. Click on the education icon, which displays a graduation cap 

  3. Select the Basic Education Option. This will cause several options to appear. 

  4. Select Re-Mark/Recheck

  5. Fill out all the required fields in the online application and ensure all the information provided is correct. 

  6. Once satisfied that all the information is correct, accept the terms and conditions by checking the designated box (√).

It is crucial to emphasize that, prior to submitting an online application, students are required to make a payment for the remark or recheck process. When making the payment, they should use their exam number as the reference number.

The outcomes of the remarking process will be released starting from 15 March 2024, and can be obtained at the respective school or exam center where the candidate took their 2023 final matric examinations.

Candidates also have the option of rewriting their exams. Matriculants can also apply for the Second Chance Matric Programme (SCMP).


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If you did not achieve the results you wanted to in the 2023 matric exams, you have the opportunity to rewrite. The support offered through the Second Chance Matric Programme will help you achieve your academic goals. 




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