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There was a time during the tumultuous 60s and 70s that the younger generation was admonished to “never trust anyone over thirty.” 

In March 2019 the lack of sexual harassment policies in some of South Africa’s political organisations made the headlines.

<p>Australia is in the <a href="">bottom third</a> of OECD countries when it comes to working long hours, with <a href="">13% of us</a> clocking up 50 hours or more a w

A myriad of empirical evidence and case studies clearly indicates that developing and sustaining high performance in an organisation is a learnt competence, and that it can be done successfully. 

Psychopaths are not just found in serial killer movies and crime novels – they stalk corporate corridors too, where their trail of destruction might not include murder but can mean the death of productivity, motivation and profits.

A study recently published by the Journal of Economic and Financial Sciences confirms that as South Africa’s popularity as a tourist destination increases

In the arbitration between the National Union of Mineworkers obo Donald Andile Mchunu v Tronox Mineral Sands (case number KNRB1750-18) the Commissioner had to decide whether the applicant, the second best candidate, was entitled to be appointed to a vacant position because the best candidate declined the offer.

South Africa’s unemployment rate for youth between the age of 15 and 24 years is 55,2% according to Stats SA.

Policies are important and in place in the South African labour market to assist people with Down Syndrome and developmental disabilities in order to overcome challenges and be employed in the open labour market. 

Coworking spaces are increasingly popular in South Africa and around the world as more people and companies jump on the trend.

Retrenchments in South African law are regulated in terms of section 189 of the Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995 (LRA).

The performance culture of corporate business can be a breeding ground for bullies.

Workplace flexibility as a talent management policy is no longer an option; it is an essential practice that enables organisations to attract and develop skilled talent. 

South African labour law has developed a rich body of case law since the Labour Relations Act was first introduced in 1995, and most employees are well aware of their rights not be unfairly dismissed, and to not be subject to unfair labour practices. 


The NMW sets the minimum which a worker must be paid. According to the law, all workers must earn a minimum rate of R20 per hour. The Act applies to all sectors.

Organisations and individuals are being forced to think differently about the concept of employment.

It’s no wonder that most medium-size companies are losing up to 105 days a year due to staff calling in sick because of the common cold or flu, since the majority of South Africans seem to be ill-prepared for the health challenges that the winter typically brings.

Whether an employee who makes a false allegation of racism against another employee can be dismissed?

Leadership and life coaching have become big business, as clients seek guidance for career transitions, executive development, starting a business, getting more organised, managing transitions, improving performance amidst much else.

Contrary to popular belief, companies may be within their rights to secretly record conversations with employees and use that information against them in a court of law.

According to the most recent ManpowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey, South African employers report cautious hiring plans for the third quarter of 2019. 

Paid employment is generally considered the predominant and most sustainable way of pulling people out of <a href="">poverty</a>.

It is universally acknowledged that a strong employee base is the foundation of any good business. For this reason, when introducing new hires into a company, the safety and productivity of existing staff should be top-of-mind.

When it comes to expressing their discontent or demanding equal pay and rights in the workplace, women should not shy away or feel that they need to remain silent

According to ManpowerGroup research, the most in-demand skills in the world currently include sales representatives, project managers, information technology professionals, office support and financial analysts, among others.


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