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Second only to emotional intelligence (EQ), cultural intelligence (CQ) is fast becoming one of the most in demand skills for executives in today’s culturally diverse world of business.

Why are some people’s presentations so compelling, yet others are dull and hard to follow? 

Conflict is inevitable when leading and working with diverse people daily, especially in a confined space such as an office.

There is no denying that social media is a powerful tool to generate leads, build brands and grow businesses. 

People management experience is a valuable skill that can propel your career forward in many ways. 

If you don’t have an audio marketing strategy, then now is the time for your brand to turn up the volume.

Boss’s Day was on 16 October, so we've decided to focus on leadership skills and what good managers need to be a true “captain of their ship.” 

Data management plans (DMPs) are evolving as the technology that enables organisations to better analyse their data become more powerful and innovative. 

Do you believe that negotiating is only for those in high powered positions or top sales jobs? 

Intellectual intelligence (IQ) and technical ability are vital qualities to possess in the workplace. In fact, they can be seen as the entry-level requirements for any career. 

We are all faced with various degrees of fears at some point in our lives and for others it may be an everyday battle. People experience different types of fears.

What do you do when problems arise in the workplace? HR specialist Lizanne de Jong talks about the best ways to 'fix' lingering problems.

The tourism field is a vast and exciting one. This tourism month, if you are looking for career opportunities in the South African Tourism Industry, then you are looking in the right place. Here are some reasons why:

In the early days of software development, the role of the Business Analyst (BA) played an integral part in creating new applications for business use. However, over the years this has evolved into something that is highly flexible and adaptive to change.

Do you ever wonder what style of leadership you portray and whether you can improve yourself through knowing this? 

With so much hype surrounding new technology such as Big Data, Cloud Computing and AI, it is easy to miss the point of integrating them into your business operations

The successful acquisition of new customers is the heart of every business, and a salesforce is the lifeblood that keeps the heart functioning optimally. 


The EXPLORE Data Science Academy (EDSA) today announced several new courses in 2020 that promise to radically change the shape of data science education in South Africa.

Unemployment in South Africa is at its highest level in almost 15 years and remains one of the highest in the world, with nearly 7 million people currently without jobs. 

While there’s far more focus than there has ever been on the importance of mental health; worldwide, the majority of people with mental health concerns do not access the care they need to transform their lives. 

While fulfilling the role of a parent is certainly a blessing, for many working parents who wish to advance their career, studying further is a challenging option.

Do you ever feel that your world is out-of-control and that you have lost all focus?

Do you ever doubt your skills as a minute-taker and wonder what you should or should not be noting? 

Democratisation of energy is necessary to enable Africans to move into the digital age.

Why do so many employees struggle to adapt to changes within an organisation? 


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