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We are one of the first private providers of higher management education in South Africa. Since 1997, we have evolved into an internationally recognised institution.

Our mission is to equip students with the knowledge and skills to lead and excel in an everchanging world.

Extraordinary people live the same life and face the same challenges as ordinary people do however they take right and constant action and so create something different for themselves, their families and often their communities.

Every Milpark student is unique, some are:

  • full-time working professionals looking to upskill or study for the first time
  • school leavers looking for higher education options
  • seeking new employment opportunities or changing careers
  • corporates looking for training interventions

We offer a learning pathway from higher certificate to doctorate, because we recognise that each individual's journey presents unique challenges and therefore requires different learning interventions.

As a lifelong learning partner, Milpark will help you navigate the challenges you may face on your journey to achieving your goals and living a truly extraordinary life.


NQF LEVEL                                            COURSE

    N/A                                                   ADVANCED ACCOUNTING (BRIDGING SHORT COURSE TO PGDA / CTA)
    N/A                                                   BRIDGING COURSE: BACHELOR OF COMMERCE
    NQF3                                                NATIONAL CERTIFICATE: BOOKKEEPING
    NQF4                                                FET CERTIFICATE: BOOKKEEPING
    NQF4                                                AMENDED SENIOR CERTIFICATE (ADULT MATRIC COURSE)
    NQF5                                                HIGHER CERTIFICATE IN MANAGEMENT
    NQF5                                                NATIONAL DIPLOMA: TECHNICAL FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING
    NQF5                                                NATIONAL DIPLOMA IN HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT AND PRACTICE SUPPORT
    NQF6                                                ADVANCED CERTIFICATE IN MANAGEMENT
    NQF6                                                NATIONAL DIPLOMA: FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING
    NQF7                                                BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION
    NQF7                                                BACHELOR OF COMMERCE
    NQF7                                                BACHELOR OF COMMERCE WITH A MAJOR IN COMPLIANCE AND RISK MANAGEMENT
    NQF7                                                BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MAJORING IN HUMAN RESOURCES)
    NQF7                                                BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MAJORING IN MARKETING)
    NQF7                                                BACHELOR OF COMMERCE (WITH A MAJOR IN TAXATION)
    NQF8                                                POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN ACCOUNTING (PGDA / CTA)


NQF LEVEL                                                                   COURSE

    N/A                                                  CLASS OF BUSINESS
    N/A                                                  CONTINUAL PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
    N/A                                                  FIRST LEVEL REGULATORY EXAM SUPPORT FOR REPRESENTATIVES (ONLINE)
    NQF5                                               HIGHER CERTIFICATE IN FINANCIAL PLANNING
    NQF5                                               HIGHER CERTIFICATE IN FINANCIAL PRODUCTS
    NQF5                                               HIGHER CERTIFICATE IN SHORT-TERM INSURANCE
    NQF6                                               ADVANCED CERTIFICATE IN FINANCIAL PLANNING
    NQF6                                               ADVANCED CERTIFICATE IN SHORT-TERM INSURANCE
    NQF7                                               BACHELOR OF COMMERCE (WITH A MAJOR IN FINANCIAL PLANNING)
    NQF7                                               BACHELOR OF COMMERCE (WITH A MAJOR IN SHORT-TERM INSURANCE)
    NQF8                                               POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN FINANCIAL PLANNING



NQF LEVEL                                                                   COURSE

    N/A                                                   CLASS OF BUSINESS
    N/A                                                   CONTINUAL PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
    NQF5                                                HIGHER CERTIFICATE IN BANKING SERVICES
    NQF6                                                ADVANCED CERTIFICATE IN BANKING SERVICES
    NQF7                                                BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION WITH A MAJOR IN BANKING
    NQF7                                                BACHELOR OF COMMERCE WITH A MAJOR IN BANKING
    NQF7                                                BACHELOR OF COMMERCE WITH A MAJOR IN BANKING AND INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT
    NQF7                                                BACHELOR OF COMMERCE WITH A MAJOR IN CREDIT
    NQF7                                                BACHELOR OF COMMERCE WITH A MAJOR IN INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT
    NQF8                                                POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT
    NQF8                                                POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN BANKING


NQF LEVEL                                                                   COURSE

    NQF10                                              DOCTOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (DBA)
    NQF9                                                MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION
    NQF8                                                POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (PGDBA)
    NQF8                                                POSTGRADUATE DIPLOMA IN PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION
    N/A                                                   WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP (ONLINE)
    N/A                                                   CORPORATE GOVERNANCE & RISK MANAGEMENT
    N/A                                                   DESIGN THINKING FOR PROBLEM SOLVING
    N/A                                                   EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE
    N/A                                                   NEW MANAGER ORIENTATION
    N/A                                                   FUNDAMENTALS OF PROJECT MANAGEMENT
    N/A                                                   DIVERSITY IN BUSINESS
    N/A                                                   APPLIED PROJECT MANAGEMENT

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