Supervisor & Junior Management

A Contextual-Collaborative Approach to Coaching

The short course, A Contextual-Collaborative Approach to Coaching, provides you with a platform to capitalise on your own life and work experiences (and relationships) by developing a local coaching model. To effectively develop such a model, this course will help you develop a sensitivity towards the reality and sense-making structures of those you are coaching, while effectively collaborating on the coachcoached relationship and outcomes.

Effective Stakeholder Management

The short course in Effective Stakeholder Management will equip you with the knowledge and capacity to correctly identify and analyse stakeholders, evaluate and prioritise vested interests, and manage relevant relationships in your organisation’s business environment. Given the increasing awareness and value of different publics, the knowledge that you will acquire through this course will lend itself to the maximisation of results and minimisation of problems in creating a sustainable organisational endeavour.

Strategic Management Principles

The Strategic Management Principles short course covers basic strategic management principles, skills, and tools and is aimed at middle-management and business owners who require knowledge of strategic management. By attending this course, you will gain an understanding of the strategic management process including the use of tools for analysis, strategy formulation and implementation.

Knowledge and Information Management for Public Sector Managers

As a senior public servant, the Knowledge and Information Management for Public Sector Managers short course aims to enhance your knowledge-based management capabilities by means of both an academic and practical approach to knowledge and information management in the public sphere. The course specifically focuses on topics of decision making and policy advice, implementing information systems based on needs and development analyses and contributing to the creation and sharing of knowledge in the public sector environment.

The Learning Development Group

The LD Group offers innovative, flexible, and evolving learning development solutions that transform organisations and individuals.

We design, implement, and deliver services across industries, within the following specialist areas:

  • BBBEE Consulting
  • Disability Management Service and & Sensitization Training
  • Skills Development & Employment Equity Facilitation

Advanced Course in Events Management

The Advanced Course in Events Management provides you with more progressive insights to the events management industry and focuses on the business aspects (and the importance of the events manager) to successfully deliver an events project from start to finish. During the course, you will acquire the skills to prepare and present persuasive event proposals, structure and manage an event as a project, and design and implement all aspects of the event planning process.

Strategic Capability and Leadership for Public Sector Managers

The Strategic Capability and Leadership for Public Sector Managers short course provides you with requisite skills to enhance your strategic leadership capabilities in your role as a public sector senior manager. The course specifically emphasises the process of strategic thinking within the public sphere, implementing strategic planning and reporting, as well as executing tasks aligned with government strategies that are in line with the most current theories of management and leadership locally and internationally.

Public Management Development Programme (PMDP)

The Public Management Development Programme provides you with the required working knowledge and understanding of major managerial and financial management issues encountered in your capacity as public sector councillor or senior manager. The programme specifically covers various aspects of strategic operations management and service delivery, knowledge management and organisational transformation, public financial management, programming and project management, as well as secure delivery management and problem solving.

Report Writing

This short course in Report Writing is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to write professional and scientific reports that conform to conventional formats, and communicate the main message effectively and efficiently.



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