Supervisor & Junior Management

Etiquette, Ethics and Customer Care

To empower and develop all delegates and encourage their journey of self-mastery enabling them to exhibit Emotional Intelligence in their daily practices and competencies. This is a practical and informative workshop that requires the delegate to fill in a pre-workshop questionnaire on the Enneagram Self Mastery Tool. A component of this workshop is customised for each individual. The workshop is open to all personnel. As studies show that individuals with improved emotional intelligence are likely to be four times as successful as their equal IQ counterparts, this workshop is a must!

The Ultimate Sales Approach

This workshop has been designed to meet the final outcome of increased sales through empowerment of the individual to seeing the sales desk as a "franchise" or cost centre as such. It is intended to be used for all new recruits in the induction process in a modular fashion but also for all existing call centre agents as a self-empowerment workshop.

Introduction to Recruitment

The aim of this workshop is to help newly appointed recruitment staff to understand the role that effective recruitment practices play in the labour landscape. The delegate will learn the basic concepts and techniques that they will need to become a successful recruitment consultant.

Mentoring (2-days) (u/s 11911)


To develop the capacity of mature middle and senior managers to mentor subordinates for growth purposes

  • How do I establish mentoring needs?
  • Mentoring, careers and learning
  • Mentoring and talent management
  • Mentoring or coaching?
  • What are mentoring activities?
  • What skills do I need for mentoring?

Employment Equity (2 days) (u/s 116927)


This course is aimed at individuals whose work responsibilities include understanding and implementing Employment Equity including the Code of Good Practice in their workplace. After this course, you will have a good understanding of the key elements of employment equity legislation and be able to develop an employment equity policy and plan to assist you in complying with EE legislation.


M-Cot Corporate Training

M-Cot’s core services are training interventions in IT and business skills and the development of learning materials. From our expansive resource base of specialist facilitators and locally-developed material, we can provide flexible solutions from a few hours of one-on-one coaching to national roll-out programmes. Ancillary services include psychometric testing, coaching and business consulting.

Supervisory Skills Level 5


This training programmer explores the role of the team leader in ensuring that the team meets organizational or required standards.

The qualifying beneficiary is capable of:

  • Explaining the role of a team leader.
  • Explaining the purpose of a team.
  • Contracting with a team to obtain commitment.
  • Monitoring the achievement of team objectives.


Skills Programme

  • Part-time
  • Full time


Supervision of Construction Processes | Level 4



Learners found competent against this Qualification will be able to execute the supervision of construction processes in a specific civil engineering context.

For those with extensive experience in the workplace, this Qualification can be used in the recognition of prior learning processes to assess and recognize workplace skills acquired without the benefit of formal education and training.


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