How to be a professional at work

Professional people are always respected and admired in the workplace. Find out what it takes to be one in your office.

If you want to be a professional at work you often need to care about the elements of your job that seem to go unnoticed or unrewarded.

Professionalism can include everything from dress codes to moral codes. It's about consistency and doing the right thing everyday no matter who sees.

In the video 'Professionalism in the workplace' we look at the practices of professional people.

Here are 5 key traits:

Be Punctual

Being on time is a simple yet effective way to demonstrate professionalism in business. When you are late it gives the impression that you are unprepared or don't care about your work.

Whether you are expected at the office or in a meeting, “make being on time a priority.”

Dress Appropriately

This doesn't mean coming to work in a suit everyday, unless that is the dress code in your office.

Dressing appropriately has more to do with presentation than style. Avoid clothes that are too revealing or make you look sloppy.

The way you dress communicates your attitude toward yourself and your job.

Watch Your Speech

What you say reflects who you are. When you speak with discretion and propriety you demonstrate that you are someone that can be trusted.

Even if your office environment is casual avoid using foul language or negative speech. Address yourself in a way that makes people want to listen.

Take Responsibility

If you've made a mistake own up to it. No one is perfect so don't pretend to be. A sign of true character is the ability to admit when you've done wrong. It demonstrates that you have a moral code even if you don't always live up to it.

This is important when working in a team. People will respect a professional who can admit to and learn from their mistakes.

Don't Lie

“Dishonesty never makes anyone look good.”

It may be tempting to deceive the people you work with but the truth has a way of coming to the surface.

Whether it's lying on your CV or calling in sick for no reason a true professional is upfront and doesn't hide the truth.

Remember that even if you are not recognized for your honesty or commitment immediately true professionalism will receive its due.

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By Cindy Payle - Portal Publishing