Top 4 signs of a job scam

The internet has made it easier for job seekers to find suitable employment, but it has also increased the risk of being deceived by fake job advertisements.

Job scams are on the rise and unemployed individuals must know how to identify illegitimate job offers.

In the video “8 Tell-tale signs of a job scam” Nicole Fougere gives some tips to help job seekers recognize fraudulent activity online, here are four of the top signs, which include:

Immediate job offer

If a company offers you a job without placing you though an interview process, this could be a red flag. This is not normal practice and could be evidence that the offer is not a legal one. “Most organisations are required to do their due diligence and prove that they have found the best candidate for their jobs.”

Asked to pay

If a prospective employer asks you to pay for training or work-related software tread carefully. According to Fougere if you need to do additional training for a job role the company should cover that expense.

Neither should an employee be required to pay money to a company for “immigration costs”. Any immigration fees should be paid directly to the consulate. If you are asked to pay the employer make sure you do research about the company before you proceed.

Request for banking details

While organisations may ask for your banking details to pay your salary, additional banking information should not be required. For example, organisations should not be requesting your pin number or the answers to your security questions. This is a major scam alert and you should stay away from people who request this information.

A bad feeling

Perhaps the most important piece of advice is to follow your intuition. If you feel that something is wrong it probably is. “If you 're starting to sense that something just doesnt seem right or doesnt seem to fit the mould of what a typical recruitment process feels like then you might be right” , says Fougere.

Always be cautious when sharing personal information online. Do your research and report any scams to the authorities.

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