Top 5 Global Skills In Demand

Employees with the right combination of hard and soft skills will have their pick of global employment opportunities.

In the video 'What skills are in demand from global businesses?' Experts from the Sheffield Business School profile the qualities and skills of a global employee.

1. Creative Problem Solving

"They need to have a fine balance between critical thinking and creativity."

Global employees can think deeply and widely about obstacles and develop new and lasting solutions.

2. Flexibility

Professionals need to be able to move between, and perform in, different locations.

Employees who operate on a global scale are also adept at working independently or in a team.

Working in different environments requires a high degree of flexibility and adaptability.

3. Internal Drive

This is about more than the ambition for personal success and profit. The global employee has a desire to add value to the company.

Employers want people who go beyond their designation in order to improve the business offering.

4. Global Perspective

People who want to work abroad need to have a broad perspective on local and global issues.

They have to be people that know how to work across "geographical boundaries".

That means understanding how different cultures work together and express themselves in both verbal and non-verbal ways.

5. Financial Fluency

This is the "ability to understand the core financial metrics of the business as they relate to key stakeholders".

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