Ask yourself These Questions:
1) WHAT are your Training Needs?2) WHAT are the Training Needs of your Company, or your staff?3) WHY do you need Training?4) WHERE should you enquire about the above?

This course is for those who want to find out more about the National Qualifications Framework (NQF), how it works and what it means. The training will help you develop your skills and acquire the relevant qualification.

College of Cape Town offers assessor training.

Academy Training Group (ATG) believes in investing in knowledge, is investing in your future!

Doing a facilitator course will help you navigate the complexities of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and it will give you guidance on how you can prepare yourself to take on a variety of roles.

ATG is extending their amazing Easter specials until the end of April 2021. You don't want to miss this. Space is limited so enrol today. 

How do you produce a qualified, competent learner? This 5-step training cycle helps assessors equip learners with the skills they really need.

The Skills Development Facilitator’s main role is to develop a Workplace Skills Plan which complies with the requirements of the Seta and submit the Workplace Skills plan to the Seta.

30 April is around the corner and everyone is rushing to finish their workplace skills plans and annual training reports.  Very few SETAs require that a qualified Skills Development Facilitator submits this – which leaves it opens to just about anyone.

Are you looking to develop your skills and obtain an Occupationally-Directed Education, Training and Development (OD-ETD) qualification? 

"An ETD practitioner is an individual who is typically involved in one or more education, training and development-related activities within an organisation, " says Ghawa Latib, ETD Practitioner at Omni HR Consulting.   

Although it is the norm today for people to change direction a few times during their career, many are terrified of starting from scratch in a new field. 

Training and development can be described as "an educational process which involves the sharpening of skills, concepts, changing of attitude and gaining knowledge”.

How do we combat unemployment, poverty and inequality? According to Omni HR Consulting we need to train young people to meet the future needs of our economy.

What do Desmond Tutu, Oliver Tambo, Athol Fugard and Robert Sobukwe have in common, apart from their dedication to freedom in South Africa?

Do you have experience or skills in the Education, Training and Development(ETD) sector? Make it official by completing an ETD National Diploma.

A skills development facilitator is responsible for the planning, implementation and reporting of training in an organisation, with Seta- related duties.

A Saqa seminar was held to promote easier implementation of level descriptors as learning outcomes