A skills development facilitator is responsible for the planning, implementation and reporting of training in an organisation, with Seta- related duties.

Training and development can be described as "an educational process which involves the sharpening of skills, concepts, changing of attitude and gaining knowledge”.

Ask yourself These Questions:
1) WHAT are your Training Needs?2) WHAT are the Training Needs of your Company, or your staff?3) WHY do you need Training?4) WHERE should you enquire about the above?

Doing a facilitator course will help you navigate the complexities of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) and it will give you guidance on how you can prepare yourself to take on a variety of roles.

How do you produce a qualified, competent learner? This 5-step training cycle helps assessors equip learners with the skills they really need.

The Skills Development Facilitator’s main role is to develop a Workplace Skills Plan which complies with the requirements of the Seta and submit the Workplace Skills plan to the Seta.

"An ETD practitioner is an individual who is typically involved in one or more education, training and development-related activities within an organisation, " says Ghawa Latib, ETD Practitioner at Omni HR Consulting.   

Do you have experience or skills in the Education, Training and Development(ETD) sector? Make it official by completing an ETD National Diploma.

An assessment is a test of sorts, which allows an assessor to ascertain
whether a delegate has managed to understand the course material that he
or she has been provided.

The designing of any document can be a daunting task especially when the
results of the designed documents have such repercussions such as
promotions, salary increases or career advancements to name but a few

We have unique ways of interacting, communicating, listening and behaving which contribute to our learning style. Brian V Moore talks about how educators can improve their teaching methods to suit each learning style.

Can you identify individual learning styles? Understanding how people learn differently and how to teach them differently can enhance the quality of the education they receive. Brian V Moore looks at visual, audio and kinesthetic learning styles and the best method of teaching students who fall into these categories.

Do you need a Learning Management System, or LMS? Our legislation makes it is essential that Seta accredited training providers have policies and procedures for capturing and maintaining learner records as part of their QMS. David Meredith from Virtual IT has some useful information.

Are you interested in becoming an registered assessor or moderator in your field? You will be involved in planning, preparing candidates, conducting assessments according to established principles, collecting evidence, evaluating your findings and more.

Increasing the number of skilled South Africans requires skilled education
and training practitioners to deliver the training and conduct assessments.
But do we have enough trained trainers? IPD's Mark Orpen tells us that his
company is working with the ETDP Seta to conduct an industry-wide gap

Whether you are part of a Standards Generating Body, a Seta or a professional body this learning programme will fast track your ability to develop qualifications and unit standards. This learning programme will assist you to adopt a suitable approach and model to shape a curriculum, whole qualification or unit standards for the sector /industry you serve.

Fasset (the Seta for Finance, Accounting, Management Consulting and Other Financial Services) recently hosted a Best Practice in Assessment and Moderation workshop at the Park Hyatt Hotel, in Rosebank, Johannesburg.
Well supported by assessors and moderators in the sector, the highly-interactive workshop was presented by the Assessment College?s Managing Director, Gerda Magnus and associate, Abraham de Vries.

Since 2000 the National Sills Development Strategy has gathered R42 billion in skills development levies to be allocated for training projects. Yet there are only 98 education and training practices (ETD) professionals registered up to NQF level 5. A new initiative is attempting to address this shortage.

Becoming competant as an Assessor or Moderator, and then being registered with a Seta, does open the door for freelance work. So the price you pay for assessor and moderator training will usually be paid back by the work you secure. However from time to time certain Setas do provide free assessor and moderator training.

Are you looking for SDF training? Assessment College are offering a comprehensive Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) course based on a suite of seven unit standards. The training course takes place over eight days, divided into two sessions of 4 days each.




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