Here's The Sassa Grant Payment Schedule For 2023/2024



Millions of people living in South Africa rely on grants from Sassa. The agency responsible for paying these grants has revealed the payment dates for the next year.



The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) distributes more than 18 million permanent grants every month. These grants allow beneficiaries to purchase basic goods and services monthly. A social grant is paid by the government to assist individuals how need assistance with basic needs.

Sassa grants are for South African Citizens, permanent residents and some grants are for asylum seekers and special permit holders as well.

Sassa has released the grant payment schedule for the rest of 2023 and the first three months of 2024. This payment schedule will ensure grant beneficiaries know when they can collect their monthly grant payments. 

Sassa Grants

Permanent grants distributed by Sassa include the Older Persons grant, Disability grant, War Veterans grant, Foster Child grant, Child Support grant, Child Support Grant top-up and the Grant-in-aid. The Child Support grant is also known as the Care Dependency Grant.

Sassa Payment Dates

Each Sassa grant has a different payment date as a way to spread the activity out over the month and keep queues as short as they can. Beneficiaries of this social relief grant must be aware of the payment dates so they don't miss out on their social grant.

Payment Method

You can collect your Sassa grant form a nearby supermarket like Checkers, Boxer or similar stores. Post Office branches also pay out some grants, but not the SRD grant. If you give Sassa your bank account details they can pay your Sassa R350 grant and other Sassa grants into your bank account.

Financial institutions can be useful because you can then withdraw cash from your bank account when you need it.

You will be issued with a Sassa card which is linked to your ID number. This allows you to access your Sassa Srd grant and other grants.

Sassa R350 Grant Payment Date - And Other Grants 2023/2024

The Social Relief of Distress grant was introduced to help a South African citizen who needs financial assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic. It was not subject to a means test but recipients can't receive wages or grants from other sources.

These are the payment dates for the different Sassa grants:

July 2023

 Older Persons Grant - 4 July 2023 

Disability Grant - 5 July 2023

Children's Grants - 6 July 2023 

August 2023 

Older Persons Grant - 2 August 2023 

Disability Grant - 3 August 2023

Children's Grants -  4 August 2023

September 2023 

Older Persons Grant - 5 September 2023 

Disability Grant - 6 September 2023 

Children's Grants -  7 September 2023 

October 2023 

Older Persons Grant - 3 October 2023 

Disability Grant - 4 October 2023 

Children's Grants -  5 October 2023

November 2023

Older Persons Grant - 2 November 2023

Disability Grant - 3 November 2023 

Children's Grants -  6 November 2023 

December 2023 

Older Persons Grant - 1 December 2023 

Disability Grant - 4 December 2023

Children's Grants -  5 December 2023 

January 2024 

Older Persons Grant - 3 January 2024

Disability Grants - 4 January 2024 

Children's Grants -  5 January 

February 2024  

Older Persons Grant - 2 February 2024 

Disability Grants - 5 February 2024 

Children's Grants -  6 February 2024

March 2024  

Older Persons Grant - 5 March 2024 

Disability Grants - 6 March 2024

Children's Grants -  7 March 2024   

Grant beneficiaries can collect their grants at several different payment points. These payment points include ATMs, retail stores, Post Offices and mobile cash pay points.

It's important to note that the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant is not classified as a permanent grant and therefore does not have a fixed payment date. Beneficiaries of the SRD grant will be notified by Sassa when their money is paid. 

Child Support Grant

The child support grant is given to the parents or caregivers of children under 18. The grant will be paid to the child's primary caregiver until they turn 18. Payment dates are communicated each month so that you know when the grant will be paid.

Bank Account Details Registered With Sassa

The best way to avoid long queues at Sassa payment points is to have your grant paid directly into your bank account.


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The South African Social Security Agency distributes social grants to millions of people each month. These individuals rely on monthly Sassa payments to purchase their most basic needs.  



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