How Does Sassa Verify Bank Details For R350 Grant?


The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant was introduced to assist unemployed people between the ages of 18-years-old and 59-years-old. 



The Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant was introduced to assist unemployed people between the ages of 18-years-old and 59-years-old. 


The SRD grant ensures that people who are not eligible to receive a child support grant or an older person's grant receive some sort of financial support from the state.  


One of the verification checks introduced by Sassa is to verify a client bank details and ensure they don't have an alternative income. Alternative income is money flowing in your bank account that does not form part of your SRD grant.

When you provide your bank details on the SRD grant website, SASSA will check if you exceed the income threshold for the grant.

Income threshold refers to the amount of money that an  SRD grant applicant is allowed to have in their bank account. If an applicant has more than the new income threshold of R624 for a specific month, they will not qualify for the SRD grant during that month.

Clients are advised that the process of bank verification does not have a set timeframe. 


This, is as the client's details are sent to the Department of Treasury, then to the bank chosen by the applicant. 


The client's details will then return to the treasury and then will be handed off to Sassa so your grant payment can be processed. 


It's important to note that Sassa will not pay your grant money into another person's banking account. This means you must provide your bank account details. 


Clients can also choose to collect their SRD grants from a post office branch near them. 


Here’s How To Change Your SRD grant payment method

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll to 'How do I change my banking details
  3. Submit your ID Number
  4. An SMS containing a secure link, unique to you, will be sent to the mobile phone number with which you registered during the application
  5. Click on the link in the SMS
  6. Follow the instructions carefully





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