How To Update Your SRD.SASSA.GOV.ZA Banking Details



Learn how to update your banking details with SASSA for the payment of social grants, like the R350 SRD grant, through the portal. Follow these simple steps to ensure a smooth process and uninterrupted access to your social grants benefits.



The Social Relief Of Distress Grant

The R350 South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) grant has opened many doors for South Africans who are struggling to make ends meet. When the SRD payment was first introduced during Covid-19 it was called the Special Relief of Distress grant.

R350 grant sits alongside other valuable grants from Sassa like the Child Support grant, Old Age grant, and others. All adults who had no form of income were invited to make a grant application. Payment dates used to be specified for the SRD payment but there are no longer specific payment dates.

The agency is tasked with ensuring that social grants are distributed efficiently and effectively to those who are eligible for them - and using the correct banking details where appropriate. Sassa also provides social relief of distress to individuals and families who experience unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters or other emergencies.

You will submit your personal details to Sassa and your cellphone number. They will process this information from your SRD application request.

Payment Into A Person's Bank Account

Although you will see many people queueing at their local supermarket or Sassa office to get their grant, if you submit banking details to Sassa then they will pay the grant into you bank account. This is the most convenient payment method.

Sassa works closely with other government agencies and non-governmental organisations to identify and assist vulnerable individuals and families in need of support. The agency plays an important role in reducing poverty and promoting social inclusion in South Africa.

If you are not sure that your application was processed correctly you can do a Sassa status check. You will submit your details and make note of the response. This will make sure they have your details recorded correctly and they've followed the correct process.

How is the SRD Grant paid out?

Sassa introduced flexible methods for payment of Special Covid-19 Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grants. These methods include receiving grants via personal bank accounts and money transfers via major banks, so you must make sure that they have your correct bank details for future payments.

Sassa Status Check

You should run a Sassa status check to ensure they have your details correctly listed. You will submit your ID Number and registered mobile number. This will always be your identifier even if you change your banking details. This is because for Sassa banking details link to your personal account. It is particularly important to do an SRD grant status check. Banking Details

If you happen to change your bank account, you have to make sure that you change banking details that Sassa have for you. You don't want your money paid into someone else's bank account! You must submit banking details changes to Sassa to ensure they have the correct bank account listed.

So always remember that when dealing with SASSA banking details are very important and you must make sure they have your personal details correctly stored.

How To Change your Banking Details for SRD Grant

It will happen sometimes that your banking details change. You don't want someone else to get your grant so make sure you submit you new banking details to Sassa.

  1. Go to the Sassa SRD website at

  2. Confirm your nationality (Indicate whether you are a South African ID card holder or if you are an Asylum Seeker and Special Permit Holder). This is usually done with an ID Number.

  3. Sassa reminds beneficiaries that the new banking details will only be used for future payments after it has been verified.

South Africa ID Holders Must

  1. Scroll to “How do I change my banking details”.

  2. Enter your ID Number.

  3. An SMS containing a secure link, unique to you, will be sent to the mobile phone number with which you registered during the application.

  4. Click on the link in the SMS.

  5. Follow the instructions carefully.

 Asylum Seekers and Special Permit Holders Must

  1. Enter your asylum seeker File Number or special permit holder Passport Number

  2. Enter your cellphone number

This will enable you to lookup the Payment ID you can use to collect your Payment at Pick ‘n Pay or the Post Office. In recent months many branches of the Post Office won't give out grants any more. This has made it even more important to change banking details with Sassa so they can process your payments correctly.

You must provide your own banking details as Sassa cannot pay grants into another person's bank account - only to the approved beneficiary. This is to ensure that the grant payment goes to the correct person and to avoid fraudulent activities. So make sure you give Sassa banking details of your own account only and that you follow all the instructions.

Those who select the money transfer option through a major bank, need to ensure that the mobile phone number on which they received the SMS is registered in their name.

This is because Sassa (South African Social Security Agency) cannot provide assistance or pay their grant payment to a mobile phone number which is registered with another person.




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