You Can Now Renew Your Sassa Gold Card At Various Places



Millions of vulnerable South Africans rely on social grants from the government to access basic goods and services monthly. Grant beneficiaries were encouraged to collect new gold cards to continue to have access to their money, however, several challenges are preventing them from doing so.




The South African Social Security Agency (Sassa) apologised to grant beneficiaries who encountered challenges when attempting to renew Sassa gold cards. Grant beneficiaries who are unable to renew their gold cards will not be able to access their money. 

Sassa distributes more than 18 million permanent social grants with 5.9 million grant beneficiaries transacting using the Sassa gold card. The majority of the gold cards used by grant beneficiaries are set to expire by the end of June 2023. 

Grant beneficiaries are encouraged to collect a new Sassa Gold card at South African Post Office (SAPO) branches to ensure they can continue having access to their monthly grant payments. Sassa has now revealed that grant beneficiaries can collect new gold cards at alternative locations including venues provided by the Postbank or at participating retailers. 

Beneficiaries can also withdraw their grants using the cardless withdrawal option provided by Postbank. 

Changing Grant Payment Method To Bank Account 

Sassa added that grant beneficiaries can change their grant payment method to receive their money via a bank account. They must visit a Sassa office or an alternative venue made available by Sassa. 

Due to this, clients will need to request a change of payment method at their nearest local office or alternative venue that Sassa will make available specifically for this project. 

Grant beneficiaries wanting to change their grant payment method and receive their money in their bank account must ensure they have the following documents…

  • Proof of Identity 
  • Proof of bank account received from the bank OR three months' bank statements that depict the personal details of the client

These documents must be submitted to the nearest Sassa office which will mandate Sassa to pay the beneficiary’s grant in their chosen bank account. 

Grant beneficiaries can change their grant payment method as many times as they want to. However, Sassa advised beneficiaries to only change their method of payment once a month. 

Sassa assured grant beneficiaries that officials will always be available to assist them to change their grant payment method.

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Sassa social grant beneficiary carrying  her Sassa gold payment card

Following a series of technical glitches targeted at the Post Bank and false rumours about the validity of the gold payment card, the South African Social Security Agency has had to set the record straight for grant recipients.




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