SRD SASSA Application: From Sassa Grant Application To SRD Grant Payment


The SRD SASSA grant refers to the Social Relief of Distress (SRD) grant. Millions of eligible individuals complete the SRD grant application process because they require financial support. This article will guide you through the application process and help you understand the eligibility criteria for accessing social relief grants.



What Is Social Relief Grants?

Social relief grants are designed to alleviate temporary financial distress experienced by South African citizens and qualifying foreign nationals.

These grants enable eligible individuals who are unable to meet their basic needs due to unemployment to purchase basic food items and access basic services. In this article, the Skills Portal explains how to apply for the SRD SASSA grant and navigate the eligibility criteria.

Introduction to SRD SASSA Grant

The Social Relief if distress (SRD) grant is critical in providing social relief to vulnerable individuals and families. It offers temporary financial assistance through the payment of a monthly grant. This grant, commonly referred to as the R350 grant, provides much-needed relief to those who are unemployed and do not benefit from any form of government support.

Eligibility Criteria for SRD SASSA Grant 

To be eligible for the SRD SASSA grant, applicants must meet the qualification criteria set by SASSA. Applicants must be unemployed to qualify for the grant and live in South Africa. 

South African citizens and qualifying foreign nationals, such as those holding a Zimbabwe Exemption Permit (ZEP), a Special Angolan Dispensation, or a Lesotho Exemption Permit. Asylum seekers can qualify for the grant. 

Applicants may not have an income exceeding R624 or receive any other financial support. In terms of the SRD SASSA grant, income refers to the money a person has in their bank account. Exceeding the income threshold of the SRD grant of R624 will result in an applicant being rejected from receiving the grant.  

 Additionally, applicants must have a valid South African ID number and provide accurate banking details.

How To Submit A SRD SASSA Grant Application 

There are two ways to submit an SRD grant application. This includes submitting an SRD grant application online or submitting an application on WhatsApp. 

When applying for your Sassa grant online, visit the SRD grant application website

Applicants are required to enter their personal information accurately, including personal details, banking details, and contact information. Applicants are encouraged to Double-check that all details are correct before applying to prevent any delays. 

When applying, applicants are required to provide their ID number. This ID number will be verified by the Department of Home Affairs to confirm your citizenship. 

They are also required to provide a valid cell phone number, as SASSA will send a message to the number to inform the application of the outcome of their application. 

This cell phone number will also receive an SMS informing successful applicants that there you if your grant money is ready for collection. 

If an applicant’s SRD Sassa Application is rejected, they can submit an appeal to the Independent Tribunal For Social Assistance Appeals (ITSAA). 

Why Bank Details Are Important For SRD SASSA Applications

Grant applicants are encouraged to provide their banking details when they are applying online to Sassa. This helps SASSA verify that the grant applicant does not exceed the income threshold for the SRD grant. 

Providing banking details also allows SASSA to pay the SRD grant directly into an individual's banking account if the grant application has been approved.

The Social Assistance Act 

SASSA operates within the framework of the Social Assistance Act. The Social Assistance Act 13 of 2004 intends to provide for the rendering of social assistance to persons; to provide for the mechanism for the rendering of such assistance; to provide for the establishment of an inspectorate for social assistance and to to provide for matters connected therewith. 

By adhering to the established guidelines, SASSA aims to provide much-needed financial assistance to those who truly need it.

Familiarising yourself with the provisions of the Social Assistance Act can help individuals understand what grants they can apply for. 

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